Monday, May 31, 2010

bucket and room


 Private number consumer collar. ringword todetach ...

ripcord ______fly wound  ~  sale bait  ~ hook worms colouring book.. nursery flavour... old manin his room outside she's darning his socks considering the beauty of her leg's shape. His curvedownard to fair star and     ~

Mona never knows the difference. Lust he sung its ange sang blood sang its blood to  cusp her waist high fort feeling 

bell of its river ~ by the river's bed remembering its love rowing 
the placid lake its  fetched glory beauty. And May came like athunder. He was horsing its flute tender to the lifted 

and she could never take her  eyes off it   ~  

Jill's Mona's boner berth her becomings-woman  ~

_______________tenderness lath to her gown  ~ rifted by silk  ~ 
caring packages of wheat  ~