Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jacky and the cunning witch you one she is

This is segmental.

 Come again you hearties. back to the land. and avenues of .
whose legs     ..                     covered   .             cobbed  ..             cobwebbed .

                 whose legs covered web

         legs covered
___________________She hates to read news along the strata of  her bayou. She's roughed up her eyes then Ear. This is a troublesome pirate. A regular around the clock bucaneer.
                          'covering legged cobweb'
                                              'cobwebbed legs covering '
                                                                        ' angles' 

She /
 whose legs were covered in piss
                                                                     piss not peeve
Peeved at the medication  /punkies/ 
            dry skin
                     an     whose potato peel sphaghetti pale skin
                                                cross eyed leaning into his Ear
                          i tell you a joke
And they shat pants. And . 
                                           her hand jerking jerked him 
  her hand reached into his short pants on the swing 
                                                                                she whispered a joke into his ear
             on the swing Sunday afternoon
                                                                    Linda the cross eyed  'Olive oil'  you could say
she was between Vincennes and the other 

travels abroad_______________________&; A  Gab's her name she's got seven sheets to her ribs. Shes got a qualified case of pneumoia not the river of C. and bee stank round the faded glade of her buttgoal. And she was buttlocks galore. round the tree of ., not a south but wondering to its desire hymen busted gutted by its geese. and the southern gore. to be discontinued .

                            A Gab is not Ahab! you gooser! Malarkey is what she says. Come to her farm she's got things galore and more.

was hard its  traditional 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You start here

Because you breath like a nut. You screw the thing. Which tingles blind man. Samson and his gut. The rough wrench . Twinkled as a  sky does lowering its cloud hastening the rich pasture dumping its seed. Find optimism on breath. As wreaths hoist their flags.

Can you see.   Eyes get tinier. Athousand millionaires hold the . To mother and. In this fantasm the mother introduces the key players. The brothel opens its folding door, and you .

Jill: No, start again. Shift then .  Pan . No, Bacchus ... on your head... 

Mona : 2000 bodies washed ashore  ;  

Franny retreat  ; is this earth  ?

She forgetting the metonymy ....  metonym  

metonymy ... it's Felix that said ; well it's  between breaths of thought ; hold on cloud ; 

   She can't recall.
Who brought the atomic wind?       1945  was brought by Uncle the Sam    ~  it's ironic it's .  Irony is putting it mildly .

     "Chase a radio active cloud " 

 ____________________________At the beaches...   Something is happening. How do rub... fictive and real... It's real and history's melting ?

Octaves of death.

 it's not an atomic explosion....

 The ides of March     ~.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011



 Blue as a  river    .    Dark as a  night. So the cloud  .  Bulk blue sky ask the anagram word. Of the
name . So the plateau rivers delivers its own self. Along the rink dark as the skater's legs,

and the ring between        the sky and ocean  ~  and lips over hips and the word as its vessel

ties   fingers over thighs . and the    ~

_____________________  Reaches rich ceilings , itches the sky

of the lover body      ~ whole as  the calender between legs 
of the lover and stranger tangled in their start  as the lover
speaks   ~.  Jill heeling and the transome the rain  the