Saturday, March 24, 2012

First to the meeting in face then the premonition

They met in 1969 ~ the aery year after May and change ~ IN THE air of difference repetition its daring . What machine is this rivering?

between the two encounters the letters flying back back forth to the sender receiver of the orchid wasp bee been flower to the two done machineik.

Its the tryst of lovers to become their pesonafictations and the epistemelogicalling of the vocating as it is working to see.

Of the affect to the intensity it's being.

Jill harries the humdinger

the trigger not the finger and the hamadryad drying her horse. Around the rhizome Mister Wolf man emptying his buckets, the amazon of vaginas and a sock for every curtain call and the horned monster clearing the hill reuniting the field and an end to conservative reterritorialization.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


as for this becoming her body's rolled into one. fooling its self into running. O ver her hand
and into mine   ~.t hi i s how  a smock rings its collar to warm bye and becoming. a song river. of 
            fluid melting.

 ------------------------------ So Jack, that's my middle name in the midst of the huddle bunddleimion of these characters and their fresh-fashed allusing   ~.

----------------|these words are trenchant parolees.
                        |marked and hammered by thought's hand hunger|

                     This fiction which encumbers me freeing me in th e result
                                 end of it s w alk   ~ .

______________ Jill 's hanging  a postage stamp on her wall, with your love body on it.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

the Love bone-


Mona of the love bone, thinks all I sent and send to the list refers to her and I!! 

whart are w 

Bafeful bane one and two bane is on thee! Banish! Panish! Spanish!

                                            do publish 
and we shall rake billions of the episteme publisher and heepertexts!!

stay in the archive of the futurres
Alert me when u go Messenger 

Deline, Clouis. 

Mona's writing. She's written the schizoyour friend's heart. Epilogue and rhaphsode!

A volume to come with 6 books, two recordings, and three whatchelse.

______________________her nickname Deline Louis~ A Clarifictation of sense, dollars, and unsensibilities. A delirous re(com)position in 82 partings.
Of the way.
and other fold and velour.

Thus verlainelefou!