Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Construes the hair the wine fasted lip. shaft her hip over her head. its like a tomtom at yer welding number.? phone this heart gater belt of lose. not sO pretty is it? a naked die.

Litter-littler ittler deconsr
uctions you said sinning your mouth serif to his long smiled south. clamboring for wooden countyside

Bigger constructing ahead. You come . to its hear. A seeing of your breasts.
A shape filled with eye glancing . Swaning its hour a mate of this word
in your mouth.

An enunciation of pleasure. She jouissance to this maid.

Orpheus kick start a maid to her pleasured saunter here
her lover.

Monday, October 30, 2006

closed up

closed up _ Searcher. Inside the table of graved word spelling hierophant to this chimpanzee. She dont force the seconding of its text. writing to his gravel. knees to his scrolling. Bending show pate. Showing merriment in posse chases. Hound dogs on the trawl! SNackerS in the beat. Badinage for berating . Come the polemic is grown depth before depth league on background playground ruined city far flung hotel prices. Not a sown hour to ridge its teeth. Sewn bodies as well. Coming to my thougth, Jill to her laggard. The guts of choir masters. Or mothers. Sister Nun 's played her part well a sex queen to her jazz. So Jill has monstrous men to her cruel chin, a cliche to her heart's article. Not sockered like others, but socketed to every thin place in electric pandemonium and love. Love love its kneeling face. Calibrated.
Now closed up its not necessarily sewn in however close close volumes close, and near.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

this is

thi S sizta 's gotta be yer contract'd basin for copping out . her bones talk back to her in the save hhis wish dawn, brilliant dusk of her abiding deal to him. His body st amped like a waiting track record waited, stood still. What's the deal, Jilll shelves going down on her she took his genitals in her you know where and when, a comic relief if ever there was one.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

11th yR.

1leventh year assmeblages scattered, called to come
a reason to leave this world_
goin going gone.
gone gone

day air unbreath
not caught in hook breath
cuts the siege _ off the Metro train
rumbling the far cat, cat-call

Alors, Fanny _ j'ai malade
respire de desire ces vingts annees et plus le mort
the mort more of death its heaving giving breath
bracken in the cruel blue water

2iem pleat et plat_E

sick pick
at noon dice not barring the thing
or death know its name
channeled by body flood

Friday, October 27, 2006

To the question

To the question hand seeking her vase

Thursday, October 26, 2006


CounTrySide has ferried a tryst. Brooked by commanders and suggestions|||

Not a bourgois folio is what she have.

Aftered the hour.

Oh JIll knack-kneed forward the air, its schizogene her final lair. This chart of poor. Not so careful as our kingdom come to bleed its dexterity . Is a sentence rule the thought before. What shall it think before? as no before was become its muse, ever. As for going now its now is present to its pleasant maze. Mona frankly according the moment. Jill re_phrased.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


over your various narrow huffs this is sweet

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

those to come

Those to come here this.

Hear this those that were are weaned by its rosy .
Not so.
Was it eat?
or Eatery?
along the line of your Oldsmobile we decked the car.
Carried you out to the futher plate.

Met you there, spoke had coffee. It was inside the Involute
yes, recalling harp strong and stringed by ringing.
Or tellin this ever for now its wait and see posture
forever see costume
mink as any ferret to the fence

Monday, October 23, 2006


Investiture. of your . neckpiece. hairline fracture. a fax to your love. er guy.

Moon moan Mona recaliates halt to this say I.
Of numbered tatoo the billing of it cannot be savoured,
you see?

Chic adornment of double eared. Havoc stinkered!
Laughs below laughter. Ironic as lingua . over the cowbead
and the feathered bow.
By sunset drive and gallow grow she stave it off stage o'er stage.
Its union steady glow.

You know? you know what she means?
you see what she mean
what I mean?

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Pillar'd scored looped abound thy love

Verdana Mona in the
mooring meadow
ceres the bucky
chapbook her
sweet ruff of her pillow

Saturday, October 21, 2006

over these eyes

Over these eyes I am your lover.


Kerning thy wills.
Submit this piresi sheet .

Prurient priest of dialogue .

Not . Some other thing, some other thing.


Gaped this way. Waylaid. Is that what?
Crumble thing

AhoyAhoy! Starboard lens!

Friday, October 20, 2006

wE earlyed plateau

In crusted pleat plateau clock'd the barried

Thursday, October 19, 2006

MinImUm word wage

Minimum words was his wage. Wage of semantic

Cut Dry Rope!

skedang !

something like Mundane blonde, you dig? its chic on the far side of things, its ocean view a bedrock of dumbdeath. Over the well, a star peeper. Yer peepers clocked waybeds and billy bootings. Cahoots with the rock and rollers. Was this the seconding trade of triune felt rope? destiny?
painting Mary Joseph and Jesus on the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Its rivers and tear
a doubt for you.....

Shush, as Prof. Hat pinions his wheat clappers on you. BY the living lord of the rude rood!

Death aint no sin for your wage. Care is not your package, and the hilly hills of backwood Dublin not your fate! Or pate as children know who know any womanhas a destiny in her head. Belonging to doubt and gruel. Because chicken is what doubt eats, and gruel is what they feed.

Then so, so this, sow buttons, sew buttons on .

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

new face prelogue to

logged to the shatter'd pintle

Canaanite Catatonic god of river and air
of wheat and bowls
of cloud hop and murk sing
of because and behoove
of please and flood please to backriverwinding brooks of crest callop of
bear . Bearing. Hear troop taxied over to castle .

More after good book!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

tireLeSs wolf

tireless wolf. come to my hut


Tireless wolfcome to my hut _ she hung his face, AntiOedipus daringthe death tap three fingers to sheeted wind-buff, wears the knock-knob in his handsome face. Excuse this pray she reversed the charges scrum to this loving man her sonself to her daughterbecomings. Word-dell steer-cong and tee-fowl . What rong is that works the minute pavement of its telling?


Monday, October 16, 2006

empty bear

Empty starts begin her fate. Stasi and wonderous as the heroine her thighs glide repeatedly his face. Not a simple word, a long wound steadying its pierced perfect mark. Humdinger to a song she hums under her breathing . Mona wreathed her pleading quilt, beggar to his truth. Bearing along his sweet apple . Cider to her finger nailed hands. But not long to his bearing.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Ample to her breast. Couched by riddle Venus to her swooning.
Gifting to her bearing covering the East side and the North camped out bivouacked of Desire tents Lucifer's brood, the hell-flock rowdy as old get-up lessend but not greater by the One's hang out decided fate uni-verse controlling. Single as we wish are happy givers.

Hold her breath for you to see Anti this zipper glow in the dark sweet sensual to pay for the blossoming . Or wait, you turn you turn the contrail studying its heats, burning off hand palm to craft her upturned gaze. A gauze word worries the least making moment of tempest and tomorrow the storm.

Because she's heard the path, an areoplane flies low to her keen.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

kerning_ this end

Kerning to pla ce as it were a kind charm which smiles. Shesh she conned this already fruit face and yer fair winds hearken to the back her charming stroll mattered mile. Over the wood
past the farm a cigar flickering dame chicker, sparked by the hail raid in her head!

Come all ye faithful . Guts a_wrapped feet.
Kerning more

Kerning again.

Friday, October 13, 2006

is it Soon

Is it soon she carry the comb ? come over here mouth to mouth its glimpse of smile into my heart.

Rebate yer back haunches you whimsy cool! yer link led letter is tinker to this thaw!

Excuse us as perused the mellow speak of will's burr really a
body comparted to love's wicker, its soft jelly.

WIll Jill never have enough ? is she the end of chapter
one billing to volume two and her hunker comb dare?
a love keeter?
Kepler to her navigational noggin wheel
Keeper you mean intentioned by flayed ensconced to her
glib reaping not shadowed by the Grim guy!


Jill ferrys backwards, but fast!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


there were berries and washing wood where he took her stooding of its mother'd pace. glimpsed her glance her face to his love bound fate.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

revist by your haunted

haunted by your pocket book, revist the hour a kiss gave us. my nevermore. honey where. come visit by yer pocket-book your pic locket, yer knapsack . Or say Jill has dinner for two in an Indian restaurant with an oyster for one, what does She do?

pay the rent, hear the dumb phone ring, meander to the city of contrivers worry another day by back beating and humming along with the traffic

Can your fiction redirect this diction, its hesitant heaven ward guarding the call the clarity of its thought?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

we are

We are briars to your oui sweet canoe of lip to her reached to you.


or is that wreathed to your ring, heap of clear.

Dwindling by London enter canal and wait.
Wait. Wait for light.
As a painting by an impressionist clear the air
and sometimes a listener seeking
grabs hold of the hose
fire dousing her spare part
she calibrates her mate loving his thighs
his hand near to her in betweeness
alover's memory
strength in the biding glad


JillFranny tuckeroo darling dainty we
aint so sure so sweet on yer suet
Dig it daddio!
haul that microphone over here you
overlyricists self-spender!


Monday, October 09, 2006


For us you are handsome lover, her pearls glitter to his eyes. Shine sweet fair, over these mounding time.

Vice to your vizier


Shipping they call? it, bale of baloney! Balonely sobbed
viol clarinet of curlicue wigwam

Sunday, October 08, 2006

agreement of

Agreement of discord and the verb subject flutter the between ness of its sowing caring. Cares nothing of verb agreement agencement with subject. What rather curries this favour, to lending card galore, a chocolate milkshake plastering her head. Heading north, or bound by rule to come her thigh, we silver lover visit.

Mona's fluffy fop's not corrected this. |
Case. |
Number. |
____________________________________ |

Saturday, October 07, 2006

water fountain

embryo water fountain sputters the gear out of her mouth spout to the top of rainbow


like a mouth near any ear a mouse

capers to its content
bumblerina to its bugger.

softly you geezer
Lions roar here belling their guard
of pride and its cutting mule

tiger to her purr Over Mona's
waistline a chariot growl


Friday, October 06, 2006

bottom up

bottom up spread around arounding the floor working its tame tangle

why be mad when you can pray .

fumble the carpet near yer heels. says Mister Del candling the hind light
the holding light
not wheeling the ghetto blaster or the gyre of thinking

Bottom of her pants where the pull of gravity's stare was nothing but this bliss to
her repair. No come on, silly willy, Orpheus wont blow a horn that way!

Get out of here, will ya!!!???


Franny go home, come back come black. these darkening shuffle
coal of oil charcoal of hair


Rinsed by the tarried thought.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


wheel of content indexed by the tablet her kidney our kidding blazes the conned character blessed by the hidden alcove the groove of her extent

this atun god of the quick fox weird eye tweaking the end
cumbersome as the loose tie

rattling the chunky larkspur or the morning owl
homily kindliness paired the taste inside her mouth
cowered with kissing she's spending fuel and ray
sunlight of her lower lip

locker of wheat

Franny meeting is meeting the Paris of sent its bookshelves full to lean


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Dont plod this trave. or tine to her frost ear, paring tooth to her comb soot. Pearly hour to this year, yer scenting wave profuse to each catch-as-catch can. Up here is eglantine, a hierophant to his glimpse.

thedaythe nightwas riveted by plain of scribing terror. volcanic ash to hurry along her swain longleft.we sorcerers know the way to stars, and blank heavens.In Persia we found firmament and persil.Not parsimonius, or Petronius but love.Her body. glued.Antinous, Orpheus, and splayed Sapphothe other double . One.'

Shitty afternoon she haggard. After hour Paris, not swagged by dear and boars-hound ,it was a phooey shirt that telled of Paris' and his sweet tucked bat. Shoo! not so a gooey-goo-goo, or a mooey-moo-moo, of hey-di-ho and . Marble and air, he is two of them in bed with him. Head by head, and lip over double lip folded his arms a curl. Vase.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


aced placenta bodywithout heart organ. Anti was zippered in the zygote . Tackled by sheets of the aleatory or whirled by the porthole or stethoscoping her heart sizing. Assizes Assizes at the 14th coming to prosperity for the burying ground __ action mass form and Giraffe griffon, pontoon _
ribbon ostrich or say the quiet dance of brushed moss You my dear are all these things, remnants of a spoon in the oily coupage of the kitchen . A taboo say, a flask of tumbling gaffs turned

the page when the prose went storming its pediment giddyness. Or someone tries to sense it,
our loves double by pairs, lines cut into hope, grabbing at veins, parrying fruits, vests and breaths marrying moment of air. This and other was her sermon on the plateau of bed and bends.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Move this yer heart logic of underway backgap, near way side pinch glowed dark at win of keel and Oedipus hear(d) at candour of one when open the leg over which it was and simple was kin at its pitch bound base the puttee there knee and the one tin woo its form ground waste forgo forbear her skirt high waist of the sand in Negev tasted ware of its lion based rampant

huckster the wind round the bedpost and you want this come to it dawdling round the basement in the archive over by his mouth, you 're bending the bottom the waist of your knee high self, over roof and pastern O wobble of horse, galloped by the weir of its cart. Notthe sane of it s cable double dement recondite as spring, spring's eye cry to you.

A tear wet the case. A cannikin slake yer brain.

You come here see this leave, yanking (leavings) its input to you, chiaroscuro backdrop life, he puts on the famous metal hat, squaring the ridge of your jaw,a lady's receding hairline, wishing to back bunt so as to push your page, ring your sweet heart.

Jill know there is a sleeve her, chilblain to her effort.
Bessy waitress come to reconnoiter the hour, telephone.

Whirr of coronet to shin and skin palpedto amaze. orgasm of pre-oedipii clacking again feet. Or written wrist elbow and EyE.

You come hear, you will never see it again. Go back to where I come from with your hair lined festoon, to brag your back. and Lover.

Steel that, or then its iron work girder , Mona gangstered by the Paris translations, the early work and middle level, shanghaied ridden in the schizoanalytic trunk. Some dead coiffure there, not a calotte's burial cap, or some twisting thing of hair, you come over its eight o'clock you do not leave, Mona come back to the door, Mona come back to the door, she walk she walk to the coffered, ceiling the nave, the vine worked side of the rear window, anchored, by her strumming, Mona went to the fruitvine, sending her name to the fair in the _

You were coming there, you saw here coming adding a fool to a list of ding dong dings dong, and rest. Not some caterpillar making its snake of a nest bifurcates its next of kith and kin.

Before it come to dusk, rider handy as fish, turnin the caltrop , scroggin line, on the palomino huddlin' the rain .

Sunday, October 01, 2006

was rain

'Jill her seethe'

her grown there is no home, streetless, streetheart, smile to her gape-teeth, tethered, herky-jerked by spastic and cut-rate, whore as the snore of Gulliverette, cape clasp to the wrecking ball. He covet her dare dingle dyad. Not so, is Mona, a share forest. but lover's lock, in bounded beat. Of the air of command, suggest her fob a tray to hurl humans in.

That was that of calcium forge a piano key, forewing to her coarsest miller. Nada to handy-andy fellow, speed to her specious jingo. Page of what was her breast, touching on his eyes.