Monday, December 31, 2012

a re-writing machine and


A writing machine and . and the . and the. and  thee   ~  perilous voyageur!~ virtual being ! of becoming bid thy farewell song! a strange machine launches its own champagne  ~ drink on Voltaire Rousseau  ~ Lady Blake's arrived with her vision and cloth(es)line of fuite and quit the tumbler gallery of throng belongclong. What mouth  of tremble off the petal foot is this that?

 she's covered the memory of its screen . once that tucked who knows what begin of huff to puff place of its ringknock absurd  Silence as the growing mustache dawns her calm ocean bears back its trusted governor. O this  she pour to the seasoning campaign of its real total servant rotating the plumline river to its dissolving content city of its fair arches.

IN thIS plateau 'horloges'  and everyone chronometer don't count but knock.

     and this Episode what to : Jill's no vestal vegan ! o the wave swept up past her hairsome  tune and the resentful yankees that left clutching their fearful hanky.  Jill's murmur is the tongue pointed north rearing southern cloud the line of desire to the camp at the north.

       --- Mona remarking  ...' those prepositional phrases''ll get you somewhere. Badinage down the page is a square date on thought's part.

Portcullis and nave ahead


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Of necessary necessity


Mona's running and walking. Waking saunter. Like most poor people she's an artist without connections she's reduced to conduce and public reform. Is that the word? Some slut with the paydown blues. It's only as she's focused on the work she gets any done. Anydone could very well be the name of a  character  ~ one whose calligraphic basic lies in not choosing      .

                Something like Jacky. Now who was Jacky? She wanted to know and lying close to the roof she might have learned except that keeping to herself diddnt help. and this loud roof and loudmouth  yowling about Canada this and Canada that in . the vile? was it vile not hardly merely excited and loud. No one knows the true meaning of it. And here in the agora they sit around as always fretting, discussing, pleading the case of death and life as they've always done  in its inexplicable Greek, Trojan, Athenian, Spartan way . and Thermopylae's way. Not an artist way.   ______Is this a great philosopher and debate reduced to debacle___ could be and could be the doubles of a  . Not one that walks any longer on this earth. O and the connecting goes as lights out the splash of and around the world. its death knell appears a waste of time and what became to what's his name that Minister of hellth and death

Select all cut and paste . work with the possible and then of necessity find its virtue.

_Not everyone hears this.  Wont even necessarily hear it. What come of it  but your truth Jacky?