Saturday, September 30, 2006

the Hill then

Mona reconnoiters the hill. Permission to come aboard? she's wheeling in
the landing gear, standings quays on plains, planes and rain. Rapid stance of
fair wind to howl over the Newfoundland banks, river of great bank
shoal of fish thousand in their school to the space of density
its wealth unheard weather of .

Chain of command seconded lifting upheaval pillage medieval
this and that her skin face near next to his you see it
necking something awful a weird glimmer and glance
galvinating the plate

Seconded tasty wheats, raspberry patches under Frontenac bridge
and theyre talking about war its their business talking about
rumours wars armies
ever relenting fever

This summer Franny followed me over the furtherest point nose out to ocean
Atlantic trawling the summer's heat narrowest point where the Marconi cables dropped
right under the water the sea bed dropped away there run right across the ocean floor
where you'd like to be ocean lover and me we stared out there imagining wondering
centuries of wheat under the centuries of cedar wood under the floor of the ocean
the floor of the ocean and its shining path hazed here to eternity's green glimpse back
earth the gloaming floor earth's pasture

The other time was Cape Breton I stood there
here was the spot where Marconi's cables reached
thousands and thousand miles leagues the deep abyss
weird mustering of courage and energy to do that
iambic hexameter in the rolling furling fir wave
echoing rolling hunkered hungering their trawling fist of spume
combed over and breaks the covering call of sea over sea
the boats raise their lids back down on the sheet of wind
barnacles and sea crust treasure aloof wheat of sea box
troved by the mariner his sea bed deep in the deeps
walrus laden bed

Mona hailed to me

under Marconi's stands Mona hailed me

Take a cab flagging me down

Friday, September 29, 2006

port then

port then to move here it's there was worn
sober place
of lightening set on fire grief face fallen timber as a wood that's fallen wren worn
with the ligh't fire wood tallen fire wool as a fire that has fallen the face
port then ship enter then unguent

Thursday, September 28, 2006

come to a fold

come to this door reveal. its pendant swoon . over mockery and grave. not silvered by hour or sentry of night. not fraught with keys and odiferous maze. or tempted by courtesy won't speak and shes knock over frayed kits and dryad to dyad her heel paired face was stoned to its shorn important glimpse.

Is this her theory of schizo waltz?

was her ancient mesage _ tangy powdered heart? womening the m ares . In fronted page uncurled the locks of tillage. It matches purple to her emblazoned skirt the flare of cambering field the old wood and could. Mister Templar stares his seed her gulping expression!

Mona fills pregnant!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

revelry bell

Jill caromed . Its reconnoitered apace . Bell ring tower the long wheat of its hair
spun shape around the hull or the port side wishing the heel the wheeze of its
turns clacked squeaked creaking the air hour long turn . Then handsome
as filling rain on the stopping ontological walks, she .

Come to your quicksands my darling

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Kerning recall that? Mona strife kill the baffled fiacre or Arce a fair ground
ground swell bursting its shell bound fish . Tackles the
thing its orient slave a thing as says that. Mona's jewels, Oona,
weathered the laugh pleasured the craft filled with ballast
of bevel forest . There __ ground ___ Land. A sight.
See for sore eye_ s.

Kerning for eagles and high

Monday, September 25, 2006

edged ware

Traditions you revise troped the hurt Eye of its lent. slipping round edge.
not coffee where you speak. wrought fair of child stamp.

She walked as she walked to the node of its cunning
edged leaf every space of thought a crimping in her style
led to leads of communion feathers of better dears
dares to her narrative a box of tears everywhere
every which way she hung she held the poorest there

So Mona's fraught gills

Sunday, September 24, 2006

single in many come back

Single in many come back. This is your home. Wears the tearers now you see the songing sky was
elusive a beckoning ? not a cross mast of glittering things, or sumptuous for its own indulgent sake
self-pity, a foregone conclusion cuffing you along . Mona she's the tent.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

sail of f yur heard

Sally off the herd, Sail of your hoover glom of night owl

Sail of yur heard, Mona's cry, fair wind

Friday, September 22, 2006

this was your brother

This was the one fair foot _____ Franny

Thursday, September 21, 2006

her worry cone corner

her worry was bent double in the caves. something a Plato might consider for repute and other matters. Something like the star studded night and somehow, or other, AntiOedipus a monkey's wrench if there was one, sentencing somehow a mirador knew there was nothing
a vacuole _ sprung vortex toted a song, not Tottel's buried ground, and the others unanthologized were riffing the riddle superior times and less superlative. Of her hands and feet, mocked my name.

Stop that period somewhere you fool! constructing a face's always been a pastime for you and others, and the scent tracked down missed the only loss that counted. Counted for you and others. Who knows, what symbol chalked its dust over boards of pagination authorizing its copy cast sound?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

your bending noon

On the south shore of your dressing it was this. Glimpsed in the nethermost fairground. she finding his body at the end of a theory of still otigraphs _ or some affair mild mannered as caring fatheer prattling pirates are prone to becomings. Excuse this larme of tear based basalt. Gather down into the geographies of patter conating .

becomings blossom! As dull as suddenly sobbing Fanny wounds the ass of gold Gilhead merging south with north the desire plane foreheard time out of all will, its buried narrow pate not a guitar a future of strong strings clasped a wrist, starving a wheat. She is knighting her catatonic shiver to his spine.

Of these and those she know a place.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

return the malatesta

return the malatesta, fashy its oakwood and measure masculated

sperm wishes to your goodness gracious catch the feted doll of old. not the quirked up narrative diction's dummy . Oeuvre de Oedipus 's soaking wet. Come on , get the quid right! its a deer we want not a goat! you fool sulking fffffarcial carpet-bagger!


Mona gets this protests with the greatest of agility . Nubile storms to threaten
her nose, strongholds to hazard a guess. This geese of content languages the start obvious verbed noun easy way off the paradigm of her gutter-sniper press. Pressings you laughing hard-hearted amaze of diamonds. Be bystander humble and bumble . Shusssh the weird call its snack cut the between jobbing over the receipt of tenders . Excuse the wrough air of its sand. What grippage moves away from the lent. Pending its review of narcotics and gazers.

Something like this and other star takers. Mona gots winds of this, had enough, . Gathering enough to assert Swell the word Swell in the American style .
A little cheeky bird. Comic to her relief. Pellmell to this willin to fire. Clad the mountain of its biffed up grief. Houred by the street of interestings and the treads of gazelles, she pause.

Monday, September 18, 2006

18 we 're drafting honey

we're galleries gaffing into planes of chilling wearing the somber aware its harpoon the linger of terraced child face over the Knight's whose not home shes carried her lance a field phallic to her gap missing a false part combined of knees what tare over the temple swore its need to that yield of her wearing over a meadow grace to her pigening cope.

Mona glance a gear inside a prince anagrammatical her bear down body ball bearing his enclaved conifer reveal. Of such was these and they. Quandry to super deluxed voice over and victory. Khartoum to her belly button. fleet of its bifurfating . Not some bow when the galley hung over the drapery to her feet slipping her tides to her dazed afternoon of cuddlings? she wore this navy Mona did dandling her knees to his facing her.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

marched the overhead

Marched the overhead glimpse of fictions. her playa and beat manacled by hour prayer and fish. friday the keel washed or rushed over its bent over dory frayed in the twisted whacking sheet of water. Not a wart on her visage but a face glimpsing its past swifted by shallow waters upended in the never returns ikon, in the repeating repeating medium her hour and day her hour and day bending the back benison of boom Boom Boom. I sat watching the body curl back, body-without-organs O her lover, succubii to his outcubii her bitexting strong breeze to his siege. Is that a social worker, Jill? or the negative span of the forward march, call dhow down river call forwarding to her sleeve up the voice of her cupping and race. Her lover kiss by mouth of sound over the travailed wave, forged sound to his mouth to mouth south to sucking north to their melted. Hmm he say, come to this cocksman his existential memory hip to your again memory recall Oh lover , lover.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

what shall it spend?

what shall it spend, seeking years? or weighed hour peaking its fostered tears, coming by the pity and terror her buttocks uprised like the youth that was her smile. She says to her other self body man come inside this anus ride in there-here where presence is absence hang gloved emptyness, not the map of what is a crying fortress helicopters banging down onthe heads of ladies in tents, their cries wont hear this, contracted forest of what she ignored in him. How could she speak to this,threshold on its edging night edifying the peeling prayer of its barebacked lent. The florence is packed with widow and flood, washed away by the vulnerable second of nature's mash war's kicking down smash or. No, hold its word. Spent. Nottosay its care was, easly the door walked off. Saunter to death. Of what is keen and bickered over by the war mind shoving its give me a room plate. I am sheesh to your pair. Eyed buttocks saraband the incapable mean marched past her eyes alluded narrate, carrot of morself, aphasic touch gasped ago gone fast, investigating moorings undone torn polish from scuffed yer genitals . Whoa. Whoa. Horsey this cape wont journey its name over other feathers, or wear your skirt, yer mast stick high girl to your boy dress, its void void mothering its merry miracle this lasso and shackle.

Friday, September 15, 2006

will forward fair _ lee

for'ward. fai. r. lee? no, not so, the shrinking zero thumbnail its creaked thing over Mona's passage to body. Jill standing still. Language giving heft. And the snow over autumn's beat, its beatified body of rain, plucking the string_ of harpischord when the wing and wish was pert to its magnficent. Time andthe impression she holding the hour of christening baptisms reasons to stay around this world, its prose enigma a sign to the believers, beleaugered in the pool. Sometime it would be in the woulds, and then steps away from here then and it's was , she wheeled the running fortune of London. Sapped by passageways. Finally Mona, coming to Paris, the telephone booth it's Jill's namesake a carrying on thing to makr the end of threshold or where great grammar bits carry their weight. She marries the wicked hebephrenia of her chance to a sentence speaking the Italian idom of rome, sacking and vengeance. Who speaks this langauge of her double armed body around yours , triple backed in this bed?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

twin twain

is that a twin twain or a draft overhead? agencement de of of . word cough over the precipice wordage to Jill's ever fairy selving. Of bitextual amending there is ever the one thousand smaller larger wider soon to sexes its weeding earn's heard the wayword pound. Compound its blossom over her heather :Jill flagging this part catching her winning suvey _ above land and heel _ taste of rasberry in the sniffing air, wearing is embroidery last gangs of grange workers overing its sediment tast of her lip. Bending to the spooning out of her _ candle sexing in her shop of under_driven caring_distrubtion_ consumation _ amnese of orthorgrahy . her fine heard thing, apparels its garage inside a dog's wolf, harries over her sauntering ass, ears the wonder of his head. a word without morphematic pillaring. our love is socialized hours of reckoning.


twain cheer or harvesting /shipping off/ nearing/death/shore/carom weight/
shalom its piece or rivered fleet its skipping hedge was fat word of coping cloud
bearing on latitude and ink was up to the arms in her shit not so was
franny's first stand her river worn washed mother of arms

this would be silk enough to consubstantiate its bliss
or parried by a brother's elbow gleaning her hip

or savoir fair
her hip savoir faire in a close booth, a bottin of mellow
wristing affair to clutter up her saw-bones.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

yer feet were facts and fat

Fat filament the dispatch of contra or otherwise a mustard plaster syncoping her jaw. She squint-eyed come over the flower of its ostrich ugly. Downward the sleigh. Roughing the back .The beck and recall of things as hangin drapes do.

Square-Rigger bears a body of molecule ride. Or she's huzzah midden morning. And something as these were there first as not forever but the goodness of gondola the plateau her cheerk was test-drive to fortune's rifty dealing out of thing, a blessed bravura to her gangs. Now she spoke of ganging, what asethetic query is that of inside those heart-missals?

When she went tete-a-tete not part to whole Franny's whole bean bag was crippled, like the Jolly Roger come hanging down over her rag. Body of soldier and not fighting fifteen days abroad she's inverted the order, the pubic triangle of the star case, yes Star gazer, she signified star_case_ Greetings from the high tide of her cloak . Again weep the total rotate of clowning figures. Not the small of yawl, but a peacock's corolla . Fair one _ Jill the dally.

your feet

Look your clock is near a fear I've seen stranger doves than a choir dog, or
priapic ass twiddle your thumbs. Jill shirts the passing hour, something a cloth word to catch
cheap rates to Joy base of all things will pass my proverb is yer clickee somersault of
shins up shins down, shudder me not the day. Gorse and bleeding airs, numb the fact of her calm lux feet. Earth talks of what is this ? Now sidelong her tran_verse side off the ledge, the mantle-piece perhaps, a eye freeze? a nose could? if there be solemn in this, let it allegorize now its territory of lame givers pretender to conceit's easy toad. What toad is that you pick ? crying Jill shaming Mona as for Oona the away one of France and other mystery she is something as dumb as gender. Sickle the half-tone colour of her skin skin skin skin.

So then





Tuesday, September 12, 2006

love's ditty


trasnalted for metapfour Shriven Mona! pushes hair a girl's body a man a waylaid lady lawn... a wrist to shocking ease. Four rounds for every five Mister Sleeping riot... pardon you? ... what liver is this? on the embyronic track... circling evolt of crump crump crump flip-flop... step by septimus rendering September the sperm counting ... feeling surreal rigour and contrasted busted out monotheistic lab.... a rinth Amaranth.. weighted & freighted ... Go wee prophet yer dear dog is perished the thought the word of origins is indigenous to yer socky fan club... A troy to bury.... yowls! What? what? shit Jill .. what the hell is she doing standing there, lip sullen as the day... the dam day again.. the amnesic aphasic ray of light
under-knees pull my antioedipii I always look for the bacillus of immunology
versus ontology Oncologies! too for that matter... hunky Jill mutter... epsiteme letters not betters... sockets the way back - breaks the mobile letter of the post - Mind now she is mounded the same as other brilliant hay makers, the carrot on her stick willing away the detention centre.



Foam made her whistle bones laugh its scarlet taste a rutheless high to comment something gone buried burned worried to death gone with the fever its taste a common place to holdings .
                                                      Or then it was it. Or knot . Combine. REfine a toothcomb . Jill knows Mona was balking at end games . Near the start of sharing its oily comfort. War cannot be discoursed like praise.
Epicpyschidion to this knave of diamond fattened tools. Or utilities to rent. Sank stone.                    How to .
For every body without organs she cuts another. Beamed by woodland or parking crews by god's old home. Not a stocking in place! she's fourteen carats gold! What bullion of puckered folly is that Little chimp?

                                                                    Over there then you go  ~ ohO!heave!


Monday, September 11, 2006

love's petal

Anti you zing the place why think yer so smart with yer snappy shoes and
your gaits of Greece clomping along the stair sandals and wooden pegs
of yore . Its pent grace not used by the air of trouble and gloss its forehead. For_take by a sentence trusting its nave enters the space of union .

Not troubled by air fluttering the gutted candle. Are these dappling hours to cover your choice, freed of the hour and day? Not so, causes the sole act of your spine and care.

These_ jump where you have prayed.

love's pedal

Love's pedal, according to Mona, grew and grew flew over flue till there as it was in other seemly cased knights, none before pending alarms and spending quicken'd the hour of its deepness. Was this anyhowold way to bemuse a lady? she thought her spoon was packed filled with the clock worth's amaze_ not meant and meaning her stare, she orders fuel energizes heaps of bookings, knowing the mothers of wisdom are her friend.

Many mothers not one friend she gasps in his arm, stretched pole to her telephone. Lent by leaguers and lover, filtrating to his stemed cell research.

It is surely a lover's way my darling. Pause Pause Pause.Seraph and window.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

love 's littel ship


Love little ship wentto heaven its reading bound glance caught in the culvert waves of its hunger. baording passes dished out to all and sundry a navy boy to man her boats. Shipping free deliveries of boats and pens!

Jill cushioned by wave hushed the fairy wound of it mashed potatoe gear. Over the side of geology she had stellae ingneous rounding. Lair cape to her tongue his smith biased baize to a long awaited


Saturday, September 09, 2006

huggy dory

Simple hurt gat of world beat, chives the hatred, sullen as a prarie mule
cutters the world its excess not simpled by hour coveted over rain cloud
knife fork then cheese, roughing the air spent by dimes and dinners,
not clothed to the caring hour but snickered by its off hour caring
or something for Jill to harlequin about_ In New York, Paris,
or rainthe Vendome fall apart, snagged by s's and oedipus
surges not the anus covets the bear, or the bay when singing past her rooster you come in wandered to your pace
soul thought to her harbinger and because the world is what it was not a second thought
glances your way, galvinates your path, what he is skimming she is skimming composed
by the substance of its narcotic wheat. Cleat borrowing the unique hour of its tendance,
a nullity graced by second helpings, plates to serve the dinner, fragments pour
the sentence .
not hustled later Jill pulls the chain, pushes the pen, pneumatique
over the unhearing noun, shackled its hatred stares everywhich way

Friday, September 08, 2006

body without organ blue

this then would working to its coastal rift. ~ cover the hue, mile into shank hip over processing . Mona fangles the Jill jukebox to her billy boots.

you dig, Mister Cyberbusterbuttocks?

"Jolly Jill hags her mouth hight,her foolish folio up to no good, a bad woman, tarting on all the fields, puffed sleeves slaggard to the breeze of dealing cards at the poker table she's wearingthem down and up putain to the accordian, a real Frenchman, she is a whore double backed with any beast from the avenue, le boulevard, ou le matin, not some sheep dressed in wool to kill any ox, but a whore, stuffed with pots of geese, duck for a sidedish, moose meat for dinner, roaring athte furnace, calling, shes' been a bad woman all her dirty life.

Don't fuck with me, she say, cuddling the didloe up her arse, slap dash harlotshes painted airy-fairy her made up spewn eyebrows and ears, fat assed, crumbled cake pie/ THisis what you get having babies and hanging ears, cabbage roll to her ass, pillow.Darning wool to her socks, a cheap psychosis as she's poor as shit. Notshite bearing on the thong she once wore for a rent a divorce hubby, not a hubcap to state her case,
but narcosis and death. Anger is her sign of the time,crime her bed ridden fellow, fake homosexual, monger and malingerer ."

So Prof. Deleuze hankerchief. Or hair piece, eye-piece, body-dally, body-fall.

Clothes the body-without-organ. If she was a profeseur she was not the usual. Parasite of second-grade ideaology. Or like whats his name from Toronto hangin on torn welfare checks, bullshitter galore, Al the fraud.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

mid year

mid year was harvest hardest on the gleaning effort. the tool of wrinkling her eyes, over eyelid . for the avenue it is as that workings of page rueful pretext of sorrow not hankied and crushed by mittens and summer fair as fair lover to hogswheel hogshead hogs body. when that urn spills over your feed, Jill warning eyeing the tray. In Montmartre I looked out over the wind hit backing the tree burying its fruit, dusty as the train wind, or the station at Gare du Nord, back to back from clinic to click clinic sick in each hour, not a second to reprieve its forking trail. In the restaurant we stood, eating joking hexed by chiefs and their bureau. Arrondissdiseasement de hell .

in the catch of her visage, face to play crown and glory its face to face her self same mirror to her other body sex to mouth its full swan sought. A heroic skelton plays the sheath, burying the living by tongue and thought, tonight its a chick, tomorrow its a horse, a henpecked yuletide livering its goariest hour of content, a chant borrowed from a crooked nave, not something to conceal or have a brief about . A water fountain flourishes by this passage, canaled to the weak wind, the aroma of baking goods, shadows of antiphonal notes, and airs, to package the svelte deed. Is it frosty in that dry heaven of logical positivism or the far off shapes of this calendar? City column war heaved by cries encounters her text in the mizzen. Not so, a shaping sock. Mona bemused by dandelions not fate.


Jill duck the rode to Paris, passive tensingin the historical synthesis insouciant as rain


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

assure the sassafras

Mona welfare shifted her buttock inward to her outward clefting her cheeks to this hour hibiscus

cyclamen discus hand over forepaw. This geese'll foolscap indirect discourse, shanking its forelock doomed forever. Like any other god , mattering its tether clocking the ruin of time, the roan of steed, and pavement frustrate, shes wearing the plaid furntiture round her cave. Laugh, warmly you little cheat, there's more where you came from. Warm cave legs balk the steed. Each day Plato ideal's body staggers to the shore from shining shore, east of west and artic to article winter its shuddered path.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


of your afraid many deaths_ come my many blue dog democrats you _ fresh
flow'r to langoustine the petalled work of

each niveau washing its face in the brook of guilt not the cape
of thunder

Monday, September 04, 2006

of theirs & them

of tier and theirs the lifted sly syllable as calling its name forth the preludE to her any other event, of bodied askance in its preview, sacrcosanct_ or feathered in cape huddling the navel mirror as her body clocks to the rue of its songing. not a child mist, but a vow to coffer the ceiling of her last teeth, her hug over the place in Paris, they walked, hankered the idea as it stop watched the afternoon in its kempt wood as a narrator could, uplifted to her grace.

Look your clock

welfare has a doxy hovered over the plane gath.
its pate was mix switch over exed, in whip the ass
over the Height of Jill's banter. the plate of imitation was the coat of embroidered delta.
a stat like a word a word like a fat cat camping in the pixy part of the old god.
not the old god, the old god, the repetition compulsion of muslin skirt and old hat
prime and other matter. or say, the schismogenesis of its relaxed room. or the kilt
and then when it works it goes henchman and mother. not a contact ferule or eye-pieced narrow beding
and hill like body decamping the bivouac. She narrows her gait to his double on hex.
enter here a detourne consonant an elapsed consonant and this chip off the old block
the gauge

o come on yer address is a dharma

so Jill chilled the moo and the boo

Mona hankered for plates of pilate speaking becoming of truth and fiery limb.
Escaping out of its narration.

_ first when writhing with her 1000 plateaus she gaffed the geese of its torment, torn by bud and fox, she shrew the Sherwood forest of her founding.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

in the grown

in her grown matter there can be flounce like her. of heeled feet and peshy wounding over the thinking page of her bouncing fell and fleer the temple its odd come temp. to it s shall meet . wait. its brook no ardour water the clown. or arabesque pate, its simple winsome fur covering the pay otis blank .

Mona, snore. Mona compare. Mona steeling ounce of weight gimleted by forking . Oh beauty so long she amatavi her weightbound . of its care eye. masking tempter. Over the . behofstensauzen rout. plagirl of the western gage feinting her fay, or stinging the ridge at the aquarelle S of its risk hooey-hooey-ho. Not narrative of her child. its bridge bound belly. coming to say not now and then but hello to its wraith.

gormless boy who wonder. at Aritiotraty's pad, and paddy the pear, or slinky the rake. of its budding breast kiss me nipples. suck them. dry. guess work to sweet for its winter bled palette.

Now Rimbaud was a pallette too or legless to Marseilles. its sailor
wreck oath. Of Isabelle her commandering leg. writin it note
down. flipped period and coach. to commadning sigh of her 'fuckedover'

She came to him welfare and her cock in his breast mouth.
Next was gigology of liberty and bodie of some other
mouth, its weed blade conch.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

redate yer backdate says Fanny

Re-date yer back date, yer backdating sodometries luck would lesbic our toddling feets...! what ? is it catpurse,captures rapture? is she place the whipping candle of time's weary chap? or is it book to her fellow of honking horn and pheasant feet? Little guttaris running around all over the 'all over the place' motors humming, guitars, growling, guitars growling. over the place over the place the place the place the place you call your own!
You Zing the place, Anti
that is, Antioedipus for them that don't know dont know already to grow.
She bucaneer to his river god, splashes up the bank of a river mildewing by its heady glow, her cupping hands his cupping hands her breasts, her leaning over forward, rocking in the rhythm of their roll, body rocking roll forward.

A coarse laid leather appears it. She hath ninty pastures to steer her, settle her down.

Come hangwith her grace of mellow feet, tickin off the sacred second of its
weight round her body her body her body laughing river of red.

Scene 2
She makes for her glove whose spin's spared the hour of their coming and goin.
You know what I mean, and mean? you know what she mean? she mean? green pastures invent her willing path, a tent embraces the night.

backdate yer

best to re_move yer I over there, 'ere in I' is sip of bridge. not sortie of code. brickage bracken as it cut. over move and slate. no t husky breath of in-held

back date yer ink to helo dyad of Mona's chill feet. Foot of desire.
amble s pentameter of beat. not its ckicketyclickclack but close of music.

catpures pinafore. over at Captain Guattari Cutlass' place. Over face. of threequarter profile. or starting ocean giving on the heave of bucket spoon. or uncreated as her body over cupped heap of . stellar as it weave.
the freight of repeat repeating soldier.

Mona's hero knap sacking of dusttrust or gatling nun. hired for beat.
its across stage nacreous.
Or take this flacon from here over sky.


the scent of its heart muses you .

she tearing label of bottle

finding middle ground wearing the dulcet jet stutterer .

Friday, September 01, 2006


Errant there'd be no contention as cracked fissure cradled the power which swearing its troops generates the lies. Cut down the hatch, the thing standing over your head, fed by the gasp of elite elit nights hour creeping vineyarding cremate a sense of passing with the line folding out velocity her for love segmenting

Is this an eagle tremoring the hour the moment

Hovers in the whole sky

headlights chant by rivers Jill is never trekked,or forwarded
by Franny whose evening bicycles to the end starting with all kinds of path, voicing the well-laid down fricatives, vocatives to her stirred sire of need.

She is bell-pants flooded rates, deluged by hustled narrators and giving her life long loan joins the page a gallant face to go no face she wills.

this perished furl of lamp and now listen she come in enteringthe closest hour of what returning has come back haunting her day like night rounding its mythical figure focused on its tern its tenement.

For this sweet reason, she's your sentence and sister.

eye of wandering resemblance

the schizo wanderer, the schizo vanishing place, the eye of vanishing resemblance.
woke up she did narcotized it was unfurl. notso a worship word a worried bead fearsome a word forsaken by youth's body, pretty word staging the downsize a zipepr to colonies and other cases, casings, word working . She hackles its venture by a voice woke dream I want to be friends crying crying wants to be friends, the old one walking by her bounce was seen to be known as its heart was friable brittle as the truck candies loan on.

lend this wrist that body to this face, its totalized zone come to differance, its shielding gratification, summered by hate.