Tuesday, July 27, 2010

these comic fictative ~


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, "mister plateau" , "mona`s home maiden made at" , "mysymphony nadadaorcanadada itsthefifthmovement" , "laundry yers andmineshoes" , "lizzythegoodone goodfaith seenhisface" ,  "jill franny" , "st joan of stockyardings" , "hereader diss hereaderssthere" , "hulsen beck fantasiticprayer" , "grass of china" , "Finex Latattari" , "fictionsof Mona faFranny"  , "deleuze fran moona" , "calmer thanyouandher kidschiz" , "clear still parniture" , "bach andhermother daughterofgender" 'seen this one before'
, "bitterbuttershrive usedtobesinbut sometimedesirewalker"

frnow truly one can w'one'der who is who? and so then, one can say this
and that
and it is better

... I kiss thee with the dash of deterritory as
I am

A Knight of Infinite Catatonic Faiths... indeed deterritory gets about

Mona promised


Mona promised them everything but jived  Chanel . if at the tip of the belvedere . She'd marched the happy  bog and burrowed feet to its grifting canal.

jACKY climb the prisoners the maniacs and others wept  like fat blueberries at the weak . Not again! she should learn her shakespeare before westward winging her bongo boots, wee fellows troubled by narrows and straits. or saying the twice tried bonnet of the lady's clasp. Hasped to her union with the fog and shoe . 

Blessed be the apes of her cock!

No one hears everything   ~.

__________If her
If her legs were naked she'd take them off and fornicate them. Such twisting shapely things. Made her cocktongue ring~ O mountains culverst and shares of her   ~ 


for now

 You take Franny  moon-eyed  heaping up her miseries one at a time spending, mopping, washing, ___ No, not hushing but blushing at the waste and ingratitude of the paranoiac female machine self centered au bout de la limit and now 

(and Franny's not female that way but becoming woman as wave flow furl farther to its latent pier)
           with the cellular' contraptions and gizmos __ they can really go to town! As long as they wait she howls! Girded grief bellow to the  horn rimmed goddess. 
                God bless her molasses skirt__ Moon blind as she gets set for the cage? in the telegram's waiting clasp .

Tawny tusked    ~  and ribbon weighted she's balling out her boons  ~  .

Tusked tongued    ~  rillfull  night

Saturday, July 10, 2010

:Two stories

bovine bull.

______________ Who cares ?? what the campy followers of D and Guattari thought??

And who says, there is a Freud, beyond yer own excessively textualized reading of him. "said Jill, and walked off into the sunset of self-referential excess . Weary she undid her quote." Then Jill climbed to the top of Guattari and Deleuze and said : Behold Poop On Freud. And she read: In A/O Freud the Henry Adam of psychoanalysis. And then she thought haunt ever read  Hamlet letters, thought about the grass, and China. And she was sick to death unto "despair" and closed the book. Oh she breathed better then.
____________She waked in her djinn bottle rambunctious to her blessed need. O kiss me woman on the bus. Yer bison bursting love.

______________The arses of this world . American consumer subjects_ ACTual prototype, plaster molds of their type world long the swim in the pool ones at anytime consume pigdogs snoutshits off good, products.

Yikes and Yokes said Jill and phone Mona on her desiring telephone

and they had -.

Okay. We're here at last, with no face and no preface either!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

push date

Push dates and ink ring. the top soil. ring the two . and tower. as if it. approached. the sullen height of fame.  So 

Franny's buttocks framed the world of man.

and its sixty seven coatings of paint cumbered with thought and pestled mortar plaiting.

Feather its goose. Haggle its chesterfield. Come round your copperplate sidings.  Along the fronting and back to genesis.

Something of these things felt the chard kale and the whooping green collared fruit. Of the vine that meant its place to become love   ~ 


Jill licked
her thuimb
becoming risible

ribbed round the

the buttress of its  need.