Monday, May 31, 2010

bucket and room


 Private number consumer collar. ringword todetach ...

ripcord ______fly wound  ~  sale bait  ~ hook worms colouring book.. nursery flavour... old manin his room outside she's darning his socks considering the beauty of her leg's shape. His curvedownard to fair star and     ~

Mona never knows the difference. Lust he sung its ange sang blood sang its blood to  cusp her waist high fort feeling 

bell of its river ~ by the river's bed remembering its love rowing 
the placid lake its  fetched glory beauty. And May came like athunder. He was horsing its flute tender to the lifted 

and she could never take her  eyes off it   ~  

Jill's Mona's boner berth her becomings-woman  ~

_______________tenderness lath to her gown  ~ rifted by silk  ~ 
caring packages of wheat  ~ 


Sunday, May 30, 2010

france, dollar and the metropolis


dollar_if she's ethereal > its ebb night floward... money it's what does it the calibrate misery ... O hunger O this that and Mona's jewel thief's somber song... clicking over in snowshoing gear. What's fear that crumbles its castle that way but a trial lugging kidneys, spleen, guts, timber, elephants, Rimbaud, drawings of , erasers, __________gesso think of the painters! in history ! time! the multitude the miracle dispropertied from the humdrum dumdum of time's mighty manacle.. Embraced by solitude night and the givens of fire, forest, and plenitude. So love goes its boat a tripping thing along the trombones of time ~ .

____________________________She's no capitalist with a fisticuff of love


Saturday, May 29, 2010


 Jill writes:

 and fast

"Jill shows
her sex part, this time its male to a male!
what is this mail of armour and sidekick?
was she the sidereal bitch of her own self
shimmy shimmy shake? was she the
imitator of her ass?"

if her ass is gold it's toil to its geyser talk oil
of human suffering!
she's the taffeta brilliance
of sunshine

None hinder this pose of rhyming care to brief ~ 

Friday, May 28, 2010

ring around the caller


Fathom the death rattle . Come along stare. Body to north. camber to east. rail by knighted 

of these . no no knot the others, a tie around the neck. tattered shirts, ragged ties. She's ribboned her bows everywhere placing each thought with care. Narrowed her escape. Placing the talks ... thought perceptive gone in the heirloom of its catching...

Someone said who? who air combatting bands of thought  ~ riffling spreading water   ~

Thursday, May 27, 2010

call waiting and

Stationary centaur makes the machine round the lifted fork of the concrete pavement. Its solo bird fight a raucous din of  things tearing off ... two hundred molecules? is that  what makes the world... so? are you certain thus perishing its ship hold budding off the fur of its paradise gaining its foothold hourly .... humping off them  waves busting back and breakwater to the heaving wake....

headbutting the buffalo and rivered over the delta ...? a swamp whats that doing  ... over the coign of sunset grange of red purple winged eagle buffed cloud banged on lines of flinging perspective....

yes indeed the carnal sight of these airs vision

________she'll return more 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

two ... (calling ) predicate ~

Hush and wish darling . The night capture. Her care and by the lexicography of the multiply~ So Jill's baton is harried to the fur ... over the windlass the creeping vegetation... vivid and elemental she 's burrowed her fortune and none hear the cave the clandestine affair... Over the oak and the round copse what purposeful rune summers her thought and welcomes the day? She's worked her peace further as its wake might appear.

Does the forcing of vision return its fair hope announcing the tingling arrival the birth of this union. Fostered by the heights the backward turning momentarily hesistating its plume de crayon the tuneful becoming its between the woman's arm and her hair her arm uplifted that high place of reminding and invention.

This way the plum trees cast half their shadow avid with the wolves ~.


the one called educate

 if the one's two and cuttin' across the swathe of bodies then what becomes of the ebb of flow, and ode to leisure. In Prague you said she was smooth as long slim sliding silk. the aleatory was her favorite name. She came to camp and long . And then repetition a goose for going . And names. And other mattering by the shoring of pulleys and a woman's  plaint. Plaiting her tresses as they say her dresses. Mona's favorite was Brigid Bardot's cut eye deep in the brows of that dangerous serious eroticism and what became of that. A fascism took the rooms  in bitterness it was the boy Rimbaud one night I  sat beauty on my lap  O sorcerers! O moons! witches _______________he found her revulsive the Ogress that eats. the shame that sows the silk purse of its barrow, and the harrowing knack its empire building  chant

    __________Not this way the loves but tenderness as its bait
                     I found her that . Jack recits the whistle of love


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

will the unreal stand up

 Will it stand up like your damned smile?

 All jobs gotta  be shirked . I love her as a shirt loves the shape of the chest the body enveloped at its crying and want. Her hair, her breast pleasant . Like the sex her escaped . Clandestine as the transparency of her seeeing me see her.

For certain its stands and not phallocratic
yet it smiles to her lovingroom  ~. Guilded byherguiding handsome.


Since she's born five she'll bear one more with his   ~

__________________ Not bear but pair teir rubbings
a love be tween them made
of nothing's love

Something like that! Mona  repeats!
O Mona saying its that


Cat   ~ 


Monday, May 24, 2010

this way for the real folks

 This way for the real folks . the lama bends forwaard shaking her wheel and tool. and the fog and fool of marriage wait. Artaud said it a long time ag o. O Dalai LamA!______Jill: dont pick on him! he lost his country!  Franny: and what Artaud was a long time ago then to its athen. Mona : slippers on her signaling toe sailingher curve up the faucet of links and connecting  . Blesses: No more blessing in this world of immanent cries .

Yer very tired religion. yer worn buckles are crafty blinks in the erosion. ofthe stone .and its far fetched   things... not necessary in the clerical sky of its humming ... and the blue of earth... the tears of masonry  and if the morning is dusk its  summery eyes've no replacement the word 's matter cutting the planet in four its section'd loaves the harbinger of thought and the thoroughs of love's  ...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Denier in flyer the Nile


a whore. A good one too. With much in her head of Slav and bust. Shes philosophy's all time harlot giving on when her garter's belt's gone. In the flume in the

-----------------------------------;like a hole in the head _ what a drama breath sigh ~

______________Marriage's for the birds. Which ones are the saying of the epic while its pattering thing over the bolt-hole and the screwdriver of love  goes to the door the door hinges creak pull... we pulled out then along the past road winking at everyone ... over the dark nave the  ... the runnel and clipping the other cars .... we became ... its hurrying breathing ....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

to determine knight

____ _______________

the asshole sun born with death in his pocket. what pick is this my lover? your pocket lover? come to change your arms.. . drapery of night and love.. .

my body s lost ...


Friday, May 21, 2010



If she's married shes done for like a dog. a dog's like a metaphor. its whored four ways, and politics is the name of dogs. no one wanted war everyone wanted love, but it waned not though she was wining, no she wan! as the wanton drunk was. not to put to fine a point on it. eyes hurting where eyes were sore.

in the pouring rain its joust and troubadour tournament and the wrecking of knowledge . No seeing this changes the alarm ringing across the countryside ...if bilious chartered buses and scouting in the forest... and the summer shamble reeling...

__________this is the territory of annunciation ~

Thursday, May 20, 2010

the night is

The night is a dog that harkening rambles your beauty. ...barring all trespassers from. getting in. the door. its the way it clambers to its feet. foothold to the golden gate praying for its marrying son|Since Jill marries Mona its a shivaree all week, they're bundles of goodies godly things tucked in wraps and paper candles! up the stairs. lining the staircase are hidden and obscure faucets tinkering the pulling bells of fate!. these habitués of cafes are not mindful of love's domestic
bliss just yet but their sentence is strength and long living the concentration of its pluses. they've every extension of remaining ensemble totheir agencement of love. and its box tool. What queries and musters they are blasted by the flapping of their fornicating.

O babies!
O fultide of swinging rims!

Conation and pronunciation and the huffapuff complete! No abstract drawing of addle headed pates

No one uncovers baksheesh where they lodge. But if pudginess and piddling nerves are their never never karma they cant wait or hope to commence. The immense riptide of their bloom.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


like any trickle (fickle) lover your sun avoids me.|Open your cave the air is breathy  ~ spurns the instant hour coffee ~ so Jill and hillock packing herself the relievers parries the trade of fox-trot  ~ rings and rings her neck the wide way brim her downy feathers to a goose prime down along with her. Jill? Mona a basket of furtive fruit in each paw. I never set clappers on her! you old bag. Shag and deterritorialize that hour honey you're figure's lent you every chosen shape  | Mona forfends the thought Mona gorilla

and wags her bum at every lasting stranger than truth belief every tussle every tulle wagon

Mona moves her diurnal drindle skirt off   ~ come back to my logic O logos O patois! O patate frit!

Jill now knows it best to couple last  ~ 


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

appearance disappearance apparently

 Concurrently disappearing the. Way Mona c arries on you'd think she was queen of thinking. but shes hot Buddhist instead . making her mark and placing her grammar in places it wont be hid. Obscured by curtains and muslin thoughts, she'd hurted the love she'd knew go bye. ? Go dry! go dry up! French freckles abound across her back acrostic of bra straps and welting woods. Flowers in JUne moaning  swearing maroon-headed monkeys have no place to go in this trimester of heat. And the proctors gamble the tutors beat the heat with wand sticks space time held in gloves too too delicate to bear without warning. Ridden by other luxurious beats they know no better than to call it quits. An heiress of everything edifying thing she s borned apostles and wheat. And with strangers shes gentle as a dog. Some might suggest this was cheating but she know better. Etymologically  speaking she's a chartered account renting pay boxes by the hour ruffling her feathers wearing the Armageddons down donning Argentina for a week, an hour and a play full of billets, lotting and camera work.

Light brain your heart's always been identical  ~ this way pedagogical spoons dollop everything   ~


Monday, May 17, 2010

resting and

 resting appearing sank. And Anti held her hands by the swinging porch of her sweet assed thigh. of her lovers, none spoke this has been becoming to her fair wind teeth in the braced dawn crippled to the fast fairy, furious to dawn and its break fasting dusk of dusk to see dust to dust O fourth coming round the corridor

the rest is ink remaindered of the pasting canoe, and the proctors gambling at the knight and her head shed down blanking spots in all the domain she was . Aloof, bereft and goodness gracious
slim tied to the one called many  ~ .

Sunday, May 16, 2010


 Did it stank Dido?
Inword it has along the skunk of your thighs, a breat aplate to lovers.

A hell fief of lovers, eh you dug out wench.Waitress to the seven guineas. and the punch drunk salvo of your name, slobbering at the unity of self and the devourer. Blank and the cottage cheese misses a misery , perish the punishing of its puling tide.

_______________If it's  a marked deck of cards you're playing for play again your old time records the speed a diamond needle of caught billiards and skinny tubes. Along the water banks, potato seed and kitchen goods.  For every spike heads or tails it's your guess is as good as hers, she's clobbered the whole unity self. A dragon! to her ball busting breath.A  slag heap to destination and its predatory chance.

Oona's tended several crumblers in her time but none so many as this.


Saturday, May 15, 2010


jnana_ the state of ..... Not marijuana! silly woman I love her thighs. if she had a glass pen she'd and then she'd yes, she'd glass ... glass...  and penning his name everywhere... she''d love it there... his voice hers....

Tingle tangle her long hair. Fringed by the face. Its forlorn fustiness an alcoholic ravage. Plain to day its loving needed loving toits wrinkle and bare its plumage a cape resting its blessed  need to be wool and loved. Without pulling the wool overher eyes and the woman's moralization always . Men one must say yes

____________Shes sure its not becomings of a lady to huzzah! this style of hooliganism!

_______________Piff paff and garden rose, yer gardenia gaderene swine   ~.

Friday, May 14, 2010


always the spider web of your criticism the judge of other's energy & imagination their liberal love and great swerving creation. Yet this was not Jill but the enemy's bond  ~ . the small matter of smaller men and their spite the pious priestly robes of the monk   ~ the priest peevish castig desire to the west? yes, it was there the grappling strata of conviction right and hatted hate, from the tibetan red hat rhymes to the black hat ss skunks and t heir gangster bonds/ not differing from the monotheisitc monstrosities manaics of the one upstanding gangstagawd the bawd of beggars headmasks facetasking masked bythe ribbons of the veiled penuriousness.

So Jill shoved off into the wild Indian beyonder freed of veils forts,and the seventy two commands of the desert gods

She stripped naked a lady goddess fucksucking with the lovingwinds
                    her breast

Lover moves off these grounds we're hightailing it to the winds...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

rip cord


 Take off that cord lent. Jill bent the pulling rake over her one eyed hip. stagger to the pullulating sun of becomings women. Indeed becomings lady  was her penchant to the fun chanting giver of clover and green socks hill.  If the stipulation commandered rearguard action then so be it~ AND let  the hooting begin its bess that way and ghosts prowl the dark mid moment so three a.m can sleep in its . arms of babes and  and the ghost of a lover may rest her breast on your huffy chin

So Mona relents the storm ~ placed the mat oats and feet at the goddess

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

rail and ring

 Because her places were slope places her hidden places buttery eyes, flickering tendering the loose personage of her hips and thigh. And her pale breast and and her pale fingering of the moon lips and the pale hour o f the evening as it gowned the frailing hips of the hour and because her pale eyes 

and this and other words muttered into the phone as she wished he stayed where it was best on her breast and not the resentful hussies of clowns and their arresting 

and the pale secrets of her inside slopes not the lies of other teachers

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ring and halt

 if the fascist win and they do. She's poured kept oil over the backyard. The full body of the ocean cried its name bearing south heading for regions unforeseen, but the copping outs worked out tearing all their platitudes out to keep the masses from rising to love the labour of creation.a dog for spending soup and keeping your poor down.

So Mona became every morning because of her love lip clasping its hedge formed lace wary of the lyrcisim that makes men die.

Of her diocese few were known she's brooked no support from the                             lying brigades. and the jerkers off of pleasure

_____________ she'd rather be wrong than right in any case ~ of suit or woods  


Monday, May 10, 2010

come along

come along?: where to: I accept: is that condign thing your box? plastic pickings for your graybeard hippy. and the river baffled bare and something . and . and then . no ! hold it, we're back to Germany 1978. stuff is happening we walk over the city of old nazi ruins and caches of hidden fascists feelings . somewhere over. yes, its where and how. they pumped them.... here were the beatings ... here fights between working

reds and blacks of the fascists.. 1933 Berlin ? yes, other and the other cities.. yes, them was fighting bloody-handed block to city house and rented places to their slum dwelling not a pot to piss in and then the bastards come along with armored truc

reds and brigades of books, calm never nerves. solo .... and the door there's where the philosopher stood he stood turning turning his turning ...a nd the door over... there.... THat one yes, ...
yeah, that's

the one Husserl left from... its after he was ..
kicked.... out ..

... why do you care so much about Husserl... I don't I m just saying... ... waves of noise around battering the hour

thought glanced along that street...

along that street thought went ... the door out walking man in a beard... and glasses and walking home in the rain...

Jill and Franny knew this.

Saw the seconds of the trigger. and the ~


Sunday, May 09, 2010

For sooth

for sooth the delayer of operators. and round the edging thigh, and the churning flesh boxed in its kennel. rounds the wedge burying the 'deep' knife at Dieppe. and cluttering along as any mite of flea and felled brook. O running stream odd its torrent and the calm cold eddy fishing out its back pack.

and t he calm volute convey .. non, no the calm conveyers of tree. no, wanton, no walnut, re burial finding again the tribute made by formosa. Is that so Fanny dawn dusks its mateche. Ma techne! Iye! Oye! You greek!

back to your battering ships while we work this thing troo. O true of wood and pile of lance and t he king's knight shambling to the wretched camp... No, nah, yes, yay! she meant text message of something and

because I have been a fascist I cannot love. cannot love? What forlonesque fiddle faddle is thus? You pumpkin maker! rebuilt your shelves for the coughing man!
you bankbreaker!

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Jill's muliebrity is the envy but not. It's the becoming of every lady lying London lion. Her states an aloysius desiring feminine.She's never bored or touchy but a quilted understudy of acumen acing exams like a tutor. Bored by mentors, she's mentioned each desire with love's box/- her supple limbs are legendary! men crawl before her bacon

. As womanly she's become she's mid maidenly to a fortnight knight knitting spoons and rivers.

Friday, May 07, 2010


Pending her review with the body without organs Mona cried the gypsy got my soul! her heart faster with every masochist molecule. Surrounded by dead homo molecules and disastrous lunatics

and then

Hunger's the big blackmail isn't it. Blackballed by life and travel documents. multitudes pray. on the pavement of freedom . the big words drop dead.

The fastest molecule is your sawbone toothchuck!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

for the knight was

Fore the Kn(nightnight)night was eristic common as a plate of adjectives and potates cereal to say gods in the planking. And cheese in the overewighted barriers. the blight of it s charm never ceasing the double kissing mouths of two her . yes, she was the sole and the fooling fishing of the anagram and the rink and core at the heart of a perceived love as t he emptiness stood each day. None dispute her pleasures, gambling on the largesse of each given pasture.

Since victory is love's she's acquiesced her meadon measure. Appearance is essence my glove. Come to the fine fingered hand grappling at your ass. O my aristocratic belover! Yer belongin is here not there. Yer long curved nose is mine! O . she shambles the curtains to him picked off at any tandem restaurant gamble. crook and thief as they are to the four streets of their working class hovelhood.

Each strife is the adverse of the other . Cheerful mouths lumber. ANd mean? you mean what kind sir by my love?
Italics prove nothing you mite!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

every tom cat

________________For every chevron Mona has a verse. Transverse over here mouth across the eyes of the men and women marching   ~
Every cat has its day. So the gases are yours the death. Mocking assuage allude conclude the unconcluding amnesia of your indirect forest .she calls this one coward pontification her way thru a small misery in the name of a larger while the idiots bay and the lambs beep slaughter! slaughter! slaughter! you shit bags come to the cross. of Rominzation and domination and of these fortifications Greece burns yet not enough to knocka  few thousand pieces for good. People want their pensions! they are insecure! they've been invaded by another culture they are virused/trauma centres by the hundred open /hundreds of trauma center counselors to head on holidays/always the cheap holiday package's for t he good silent scinece   researchers and their bullies to serve god and man and the state capitalist hitler to death not hitler capitalist take their only left over daily bread! consumer wage! consumer rage! or apocalyptic fury! as help is on the way the capitalists IMF come to crash and bore loading down the peoples Multiple with more to less the austere of the richprofitting  against the rest

Do you feel sorry for the compassion? is the rude wake long sufficient to quell barbarism no man has seen the shields busting heads and the gas dispelling rumours of love . not war but thought is the patchwork  __ labour's banter  is best share along the wealth of nations
  and Jill hearing the sun

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

repair renew

MOna said vamoose when he made love to another woman. She thought she . Knowing difference was identical to living similitude. It was knotted pine floors along oak tree. and  the gentry do very well for themselves the Empire collecting their flowers. and the woman lie and whore. as alway. double fat .  triple chine lieth the liver. and kidney pie baked the gods. gobble gobble cheek west by east pore the giver down.

  Not the doublespeak of desire but the capitalist prong banging down! Heel dog! heel !  ..   sharp cuts of busted mouths... terrrifed ppppouulaitions scuyrriing from overdressed outnumbered copsfuzzz but why are they afraid as the outnumber themby thousands why obey the ones that beat them!

_________________Mona kicked ass down the shell road and she was beaten in turn___   O hohoho fasict gapholes in the daily life. the sickugly man on bus. back . pants fallin off his shitdead.  his dead. calling chinese grocer 'boss' speaks none all dead. skinny fate.


_________________________Mona answering the ringalong speaking. Her tentative growing power nearing its fruitful end ~

Fucking three there is better than one tree. or any tree! damn everglades and hardened breast of telephone women. Hello h... hello yes, hello... excuse me you gotta light.. itch darkness of night... young hunkers down in the lane..

thus franny's marriage to the starkness of the plaid parking lot


Monday, May 03, 2010


In the dark water of your filthy drainpoop! think it noctures dark dailies and

dallies the finer air its moment.

She's thinking of a god as she's saying this this and rollin back the cuts to the time loaf of her bread mystery. he arriving unforeseen wave at her feet . tangled at her feet tango bare winding

______________________ If she has a body it's his ~ .


Sunday, May 02, 2010

rhizome baby

Calculate your odds . Love the breakwater the passage to the new.

Come home come home

burrow your fare paysage to this daring. Trapeze its blameless

balance nest to their loving ~ Jill's homebound becoming ~


Saturday, May 01, 2010


The two of them together _ monstrous willow head, chinese eyes the black hairded one's dress, her book timbre tumbling off her lap into my his arms. Jacky crosses the street, the traversal bar of unity and self
. Chimes ~

Darling together the night arm transecting