Thursday, August 27, 2009

reprise 2

-------------- who's Jack but the sidelined reader. Cutted to her forest half... What did K say? Hunker'd by villages. Warned by signals, Wanted by lover. Her merry chase became. Mirth galore the mountains. And rivers. of shine and glow. At sea the bollard held fast. Her snipping gales were some.
Jack, who hasnt been around in a while and, who was the
editor of 'L'Antioedipe' vaguely recalled a photo in a hotel. Near
a lake where the sun beat down and crickers gave no funding and
no relief when the river ran
back to her dear dead dad. And Jill remembered there was no such photo
text that could ever summarize all the books she and Franny had written.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Is what happens when Jill comes homeward she enters Mona finding Oona? Does the person then

unbecome their rude self persona?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Is it true (and tried) that Mona was a dwarf, that Jill a becoming midget genius rang her day in bordello and Franny Madame to keepers kept her quick eyes keen?

No matter no . It mattered her manner to _ mouth her skizkompany crawler. Her stroller round. the begborhood. . not the secrets of welfare laden resentment. knot her the warp of its clinging bureaucracy

Was She tomtumbette to a starving skinny city?