Friday, November 19, 2010

Is Avita?

 Avita Ron_el's my mother. Is Avita my mother? She sure as sure she is  she's my other mother beside my . Simultaneous karmic reiNCArNAtion? She's my come  . Or well she's a whale inside the drum of myself. Does she agree with this programme she's me into herself? her body's gone long to my side. As she's met my encounters several time. O well, it comes that way as winter does to its connecting. Or her glasses, my mother. The Bum.

(worship and adore

She's writes very side to her big. So Jack holding her there spells the name of suicide. Inside Suicide is a very big bad. A gold allegory. That is why , I mean how come Avita is the one , she's the one 's got the hold . on the Gold. In the Fa _ Gallery . Gl_Flagrant denial. We wont use tha t speech here. Even if we cant keep up  ~ the wound's she blest in her behind she's left behind   ~ .

Somebody hasa  home. I dont . I live in Paris. between the bridges over the pasted London work of 'Sohohoho town.
A guilty ___ is nothing better than this.

Some say the day of transgressing 's over.

But I tell you, I Mona of the 24 itiches and my cock's itiching . I emnated, I mean her cock's itching-- that for every Sunday there's a Saturday Satryday . Okay guilt free. You watch the harbor docks. but let me tell you the day o f transgression aint over. Honey. its barely begun started stunk. we gotta to learn to leave blank. THe bLaNKS! Shouting Jill! you tory slut. Its' got chaotic.

 Bold as any shirking catatonic knight toward the river end of something influential and deathly like. Like she was weaving me. Anyhow, I'm her son and she's my sister. i think that's it She knew it the second(e) I set EyEsOn her . Face and glasses.

_________Come back for more balance sheet.
I am Her brother. No I am her son. No I am her loverr. I live here in there in her. I live there in Her_ Here ~ !~ you got it Jill. Keep your closer Avita.

______________________MOna's coming home on a motorcyle. Readingthe lawrence of grave. Not the Seventh Pillar of its wisdom or its aesthetic stone. But the weird pyramid of wife     ~. jack goes home to find. Jacky's in her stasis. that's the meaning of this stone that hurls its bottom beween the weed. Grieving gushes . of it and other thing.

So whence it became this love was her affair or no. Questions asked.

____________________Period the end.
_____________________Disjuncting my lover   ~ 


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thus she desists a kick in the arse

 MOna's wearig nohting but her cagoule and three thousand dollar underthings. Shes a splititng image for a whore updiced by the natural slack in her tits. OR BOSOM! as some darners might have it. Yet a slut's a slut and her whore house is always unkempt.

If idiom's her natureal bent she's  a cart sans sand nor repent. Contrite as the monstgrance  bitch she views fancy's campaign and range.

Shes got a flange she uses daily  to take her trolly fort and back fort and da her dadadada. Something of these has remained. Le remainee de l'exquisite corpse. She used to be a surrealist . In her spare time, she was a motors salesman and chairman of the board. All things to all men, and more to women too. As if she was the which that reigned every whomsoever. Writing in English, pretending French and Italian. Bitter woes to her toes!

The blonde whore fucked her by.She was thought and though, her flanks to chin inthe dare dark salesman. A Chevorlet Impala would do merited fists and wrong.

Thus she heard these matters.

Thursday, November 04, 2010



iptoe the trumpet! shot like a batoff a shovel? or something like this... O we forgot...

Dont be silly and remove your feet Edmonton:A n Allegorical city on the geographical one's rose and the anatomical nose ofthe expression of the lifting of the shamanistic Veda and the Upanishad's desirous sewing

He writes to his eternal internal  diary    Life is a big boom! with little spaces of love between. I hopeto see you on Sunday. 

Cheers says Mona frying flying! in from London Paris and Rome.