Monday, April 27, 2015


Jill's on night shift fissured across the skyway of old heretic and younger than knight as the blink says all. Propped up by the letter G she leaning a  doorway with a mantle piece on the angle that's rearing to go quick to the west

farinaceous and fruity with vines. Each word mouth was created accidentally no matter that the ragers of 'art' got caught otherwise. Other was a god and her ache was fiacre placed charm. A method

we'll continue the apocalypse the other way

in a n old folks home as memory charmed off leaving a pendant in the sea . of the Deep Blue Green. and the clichés of book  and mermaid. over the word a history barren to its blank fun

  You're little cab habits are becoming a nuisance. Stage coach hacks running off down wander lane and Winander the beast of meandering river and flood. What pompous maze is this!? A poof and spoof for the history of barking dog and dirty king's honour plus or minus.

Wait Mona's got her backward glance aboard. She's  caught in the sun. Anything for a dizzy spell my love.

So where was I was saying then? a feather cap for every bullseye. A geese for a gong. Hold your horses! and hips toosome.

  Mona ploughed through the first book of Capitalism and Schizophrenia as if there was no tomorrow .
and no time to borrow . The caged beast thought!

  Back to the translation and she's made the fifth plateau. Memoir of an absteentee landlord and grieving begrieving 
             Mona's got her dress on backward  ripping on the tin shoulder of her hurt. Excluded again absconded the natural rigger of her part. Sail flapping on the down sail. It's no matter. She's got the catatonic  thump and not the categorical imperative! Imperator is not her style !

   A mile a minute reading Heidegger. You did that like.

       Fanny's got a  thief    .


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gonna grab

____________ Mona's gonna grab the black moon & yank it from the sky!

 _________________________ Bim bang she's got truckin on her mind. She's bouncing 'round the halls . Of gog and givinity!

__________________________Hog yr gravity she says!


No one's ....

  No one's ever given up on you fictions the way you pay the ever sending size and the things that're missing or amusing . As the case might be  :  a  case of this that and the other thought winding down as it calls then  trail out Mona holding back her sheet for the the slip of a whip the blanket of night... .

             Jill stoppers up that cap knowing the water's brilliant. as the bright blue sea and its infinite cliché but at least breaking up from the first person's the beginning of liberty.

                          After all! it's how it began. to see what can See!

____________  Bapbap! Boomboom! beep! is that something like that?