Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Jill's hamstrung with love. her breadboard's cut with meat. And beside this knickerbocker she's got charmers and cahiers of nuthin' to do. Between phonetic hours in thunder land over the mesa and the fruit of hours and study, she's understudy to her left hand. marriage is out of the question, and she's forgetful in the wasteful sort of manner. Nothing wrong with that.Yet geography is out of the question. After any visits she's worn her stay and camped out on the hut by the chasm. Nothing like abysses to worry her time. She's a bitch in plaid, not yet worked to the bone. Sample her cliche one by one. Or two over two adding her cardinal strength. She's known then, as love's name. If she's a clochard, well the world 's cabbage anyhow, so no matter. A word weighs its own weird condom. Confirming the sun of a
Shes done with palave . Mona does not palate the way she done. Previous. And marking papers all night does not . Does not what? Franny or Fanny has no ass to speak. Of. she's hunkered down in jewelry and stinking gold. ____________If there's sawgrass, she's happier with its composite.

_____________________________No man's seen a jauntier hip. Or heavier in its drapery. Its bunched up mouthwatering.Sambo as an oasis.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

come my small cape

this is over yer hill. not sent or felt.
but comforted as your downy flesh. ( o its actually downy? come now its more skin than that. its bear as bear the body's bear. growl and hug ~)
good goose qull~! shanky
tuliped to her two forted shadow. MonahahahasJillto her back friend Franny. Schizo to her very knees. Knewing was hew wood in the shewing of carnations. Plaid as pale would be. Allegory. round her tented clock.


Monday, September 21, 2009

SubLiMe DeFoRme (d)

I Kant! I Kant~! she cried creating Bodily Intensity and , Sublime Catastrophe was her harbinger of hope, derringer of dancer the levity of the riant and the peril of the rain and the rag of reunion and the stir of care and the round of tonsure and the tillage of | Her faculties bare window. O her her her her ~ her her and her again violent to viol ~ she paragraphed fire wall to her line magnificent

"about 200,000 illuminations of the moon"

british to her bright enough
to burn retinas

vacuum of soul

hearing the down



to her


Her subject was:
" ...
the object is also deformed (difforme), on account of the interesting way that he modifies Kant’s doctrine of the faculties.[17] " She was just 17 footnotes from away to the true truth
of its sublime act ~


In this way her absolute whole was the .
sun. moon. rime. the fox. gully. air.

this road her pairing was water element .
Mineral crime.
Minerva speaking her
gullible tundra
a wake to all foreign fallen men.

______________ Jill had no preface then, to her philosophical

She cant read nor .




Cries Franny


desert of her territory.


Friday, September 18, 2009


Wolves in the back, circling , surrounding, snapping...

----------------------------------------------- The wolf night. Howl its charm. Not hydra head to hurrying

Troops breath to the breath of becoming their hair-strung muscles

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

schizo craft ~

In deed dear her craft knew her bowing. These ropes of flight tawning their brainy cord. Come

hither monkeys! death was crying lambasting the tiniest fracture tune. Not a fiendish friendly

nape to caress the stone. Stone knew backward was the glance payed . O the birds O the spiritual Oppose the cry and let s not pretned cries Franny Josephine must go! Must be Gone!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

thence a pence

If it's true it's tried hence the ring . in nose. as always slide. glide around your glissando ~ matter ~ .

Care its pattern over the wood. Following the wake of another. its fine yer aristotle's pupil,
eyes enlarged .



Franny could 'smell the gun" peering into the crystal

ball of sniffin the air around her coming times
.. Mona cld. take of f yr socks
without taking off yr shoes

-----------------------off those shoes, go snooze. the pear melting in yr handsome. tray as wish to any each. her bleach can't reach this low. stir lower welter. cameo strunground the breath. this way you go.

over the plateau and she line them up. this then those according to each their daily bran. not wheat, but swept leaving in the face of the floor .

then summmer's wept by the experienced god ~


Friday, September 04, 2009

Jill wanting


ill wanted to know her name: her name was Geology. And the sphincter was the habit.
Covered by its mules.

Of these . She bore her will.

---------------------------------------- carry a fiction as furthest . as furthest to its . start? no its shell . and harp? well, mayhap its thee solo . come again. Pardon moi . Mona can't hear the rocket ricochet of the accident. She's held substance all her life. Her life is all her substance. Nearer to anything breathing she's.