Wednesday, January 31, 2007

nest ed speak

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

And, and, and....

Franny and Felix went for a walk,a perambulating stroll across the talks oftime

and their howl me down stairs...

Rena called and asked in her telegrammatical:

And on a completely other topic, here are some questions about the Felixer culpa side of the Deleuzion of grander desire machine of mysteri deleuze and guattari. Was Franny Guattari Gay-tarri? While reading the TLs review of Alliez, Goodchild and others Mona saw these words:"Guattari was a militant gay activist..." Now was Felix all gay or part of the way; was he a bisexual built for two? Who was Emmanuelle Guattari, a daughter? a lover? a wife? Mona snorted and stamped her feet.
Of course He was a million minority sexes and then some. SO what did it

A photograph of Guattari in drag with Genet recently showed up in
a biography of a former gay rights worker in France. Also was he not in a
state of desirous pederasty and yet still fathering children on the molar
level? Was he in the transversal translation of denial and in effect
sublimating his hetero-sexual connections by donning the gay mask of

So Mona sighed and wondered what had become of her lover.
There are 'scandlous' re-lations [amorous and others] be-hind
every list, as there are be-hind every list of lovers. Was Jill the lover
of the Fanny fanny man? Was Jill a lesbian pretending to be a harried
married mad professor? Will only the final episode reveal and disclose the
secret clandestine sexualities of the guattari-deleuze couplet?

Mona sighed. Franny laughed and all good lovers went to bed.