Thursday, April 20, 2006

was it a ship or volley ?

could they be sure it was ? after the ghost night of moon and shade of the umber shape of heart and feeling or linked to hid runnels between the bodies
which made them safe.

Jill helds the pericope to her letter, knowing it was shingle to the roof of tears,
riptiding the posh edifices of London. Close to her dissertation she clacked the heels of seven thousand muses and their dozen cousin.WHo would say if this was
the one cloak
she wore.

upple guards, sooth her hamstrong owl of feather
& fleer her goshsome note, its
weather borne cap, .

[She was] Punctual with a pen,
a clap stood wake, glamoured a chain,
her house nowhere in page 'after' page.
Nomad in the trade wind
Florida key in her ankle weight,
winsome as age
only can be with lifted lace,
her buttocks bare as the sun,
That was most awesome rounding the sphere of

Say it was a burnous as holding the desert back with her bay she shot the woods past the hoping neck of tree lines or forest plucked with green and avid trailers, or taboo clock work, her lover.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

conveys convoys

conveys covens convoys. roll around the bed. bed bend
mountain tops where clouds the once hailed doubter
went. henceforth her pearls were as zoos
and spent, cowries. not an iota in the tea,
of her lavender, leaves
where he fallen. as angels to quick sand
her ears, was swift to hear wrong, when none,
done. training, slung her down
that, way . not an other , available choice,
was inventories for her.

Jill opens his mouth on the triumph
the trump of Seeds. a Capital See to her
eye around the assing spoke of close
phosphate rhyme.

no lazier than a sent call. busted in the cell
of ear. hearing aid. not riched by the pasture
of dent. she was an find, of foolscap and gold.

have a cigarette, said Franny, I did.
and did.

or a cell, was truly a patient thought.
over mounted cloud top
hill and vase,
her seething gowns
unfurled her way.

unfurled her brassiere.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


wove thread to fabric tenement lust over its bareback riding glided. over her teat, its teeth, not the mother's shitty vest clothes to further sluts goals. excuse that, she hunkers her cutting slitting to its dress, the fair ground trace . Weave the uncle of repeating dig, the repeating dig, the difference with a shape, a plate, a plate, and you want less as it matters more. she wont see this covered hedge, its governed hate.