Thursday, December 29, 2005

nari pol

it is here and there, skunk! dont ya see winter's cot
is summer's boot?

She twiddle her thumb on his leaning down care.

Here and There equal parts to equal different heart.

Why 'd would one fiction be its beam huntin off the other, when its love was both in the choose
of its hankering?

Keep the language gaged flow flux of its reaping. Weep your tear of sanction near to his sex
its yers always ever in the hidden hair of your hand. Like a thief who's given up,
you're caught by the dare
and lair.
The dares and lairs.

unconscious is turned to the future here.


Silly ! the future's contained in both places, sense of plane
back and forth why put one rather than the other.

Keep em busy storage and sortilege
add leveling grins to the forest.

Lovers keep both lodgings.



every future is here in its presenting
of prophet's pair

and pace


back and forth
is not cancel can can

hegel's skipping rope 's not our mound.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

thee future

the future cupped to his nape

its vase


flies buzzed over ice and summer leave hunkered
in her knee the goddess shat

pardon me, inquired Madame Fanny clumped by the hill of the Sorbonne
hidden by platitudes in the cafe Flore where he adored
her mating.

Grim grinner of skipper and pill
pilot place of grace and her forearm's skin
he smelled not words for a kiss,



Saturday, December 10, 2005

move yer feet

Move your feet in the hyperboletext bowl of yer sandwitch's brew. Stew
that tack plying the trade of shoulders and mothering wear her down.
Of pillow smacked shored face.

How could you speak that way,
when not speakin Franny wren
a vase
transomed by the plate
her gaze starry eyed
upward to the satrys of the star
over head a constellation of ripping teeth
the Bear & Dog her wimple head
peers for to its hot blink
she's always home

Friday, December 09, 2005

distatt stiff staff

stuff fer yer turkey

lakes and bent becomings we're wishing toto'd recall the pent senses
of the river balked choose.

ladies and gentlemen we also wish to recall yoU to your senses.
I the brother of Claire Parnet tell you these words ripped from my soul!

we have dispatched our special brigade of molecules to intercept this conference and all its indulgent supervisors and others of secondary and anxious affect.

the mastumi monkeys shall not relent!

the guattari aberrant molecules are following our charms blow across the sky!

remember the Affect! the BWO the DIsJunct!!

schizoanalysishere d wrote:
dear translator of deleuze and sometimes guattari
tell me , tell us, why yer conference is so pricy. In reality ,

it ought tobe 50 cents. Cause u tell me why or how any real student,
a student not spoiled and primped and caged by scholarships , can
afford this extravangaza of irrelevance. Furthermore as a Canadian
school the event ought to be cheap if not next to nothing.
and more shameful on all of you and yer wily ways of keeping out the
Masses and Keeping in yer own wee wanking crowd.


A canadian does not exist, we are american bodies without organs
hanging by our teeth on the scholars of pity and pleasure

reek and ye shall stink yer high heaven bound ware nape.

Hanging from the boardwise sign.

Knowledge should be for everyone and not the exclusive enclave of the

Gointo this sort of thing should be cheap.

Instead you are paying out to americans to come here and preach to us.

big names in the small deleuze industry. big exotic names of men,
mostly or a handful of gals who bou d around the globe year in and
year out talking to and for each other. most ofthem hate the arts
have no love for artists
and Unlike Deleuze and Guattari are Misfits! and wanderers from the
true path of molecules and desire.
Right, you explain to Us O Wise One why a bunch of Men and Women
discussing Intensity is going to make a difference.


Big game huntress holding package for becoming of tiger keeps
her mouth open for the meal...

Here tigress come to his lap.


of the sentires and seventy-two orders of paraonia.

It wont help get mental patients out of their chains, their chemical
and mental chains...

It wont stop you and me from dying. Fanny hooted her owl
baked dissent.

ASks this Question of the Now Reified Field of delouse studies

rugby was her game over amethyst and diamond
chewing the fat with the old philosophers

Ontos and principia ...

over the dragged fathom of the forest.


yer expected to hold yer diction
in past full breath
and full bellied throngs

like a gathering pregnant
woman holds off her lover
come to me baby with willows and whippoorwills.

Is that it?
Not sure certain said the song.

Of forest elves
and crippled staves
cream cameod .

What shouted Jill spring up her library carryin it close to the space of Parnet and her dialogues of flight and emission particles working over the wend of the tale....

Thursday, December 08, 2005

in plateau

In plateau there're no dates, shifting signifiers
expression of plate and cheek

swiftly unpeel time and chronos
the Eon kicking back the eon


Swift moving garden rakers
carry the weight

. A hand-maiden aunt's always ready to take a place.

each hook

each hook contains its own limited text, that wearies its reader

. sort of like a radish that chews better its bitter.

Now bunions spare d the foot of a forgotten goddess
her ass squeezed the air from his sun.

Broken necks made for Picasso weddings

weeds for the forest of doubt, Dostoevsky doctors
for the freak....

What assonances skilled with derring -do and alergic faces

tarried his freight.

She's holding his cock in her imagination ,
wont ever tasting it by her side,
like a lover
pull her into his loving

his heel on the pavement hurt the feet that wear it.

She wills his body on hers.

He wills the imagination to earth

Like any two singers, over the tree,

in the city, by the river,
they meet memory on pleasure

she's holding back his heart
in her prophetic


Prophetess of pleasure and prayer.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Unconscious is Turned Towards the Future


announces all future fictions are going to be at

One Thousand Blogs.
So for the purposes of some sort of chrono_ or development episodes here are no longer to be posted! or hosted!!???

what she says?

and sez:

See:The Unconscious is Turned to the Future

In the meantime this machine blog desire space'l revised vised and advised. A vice for a verse.

So then off they go: Mona, Jill and Franny moved.
With the whole gamboling gang.
What's here stays but what goes goes, and goes Goes.


Silly ! the future's contained in both places, sense of plane
back and forth why put one rather than the other.

Keep em busy storage and sortilege
add leveling grins to the forest.

Lovers keep both lodgings.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

kick off

kick off summer with a bananna and poridge,

or say summer's oat's come , or your teeth are high
in debt, ridged by debut and summer's date
and the long crying tears of the prophet
as she stares her song

Of cornering the other and forcing paranoia
forced perpetual propetry and