Thursday, November 30, 2006


Regarding trade you've been selfish as weed but worried as poor. Hmmm you think so Mister gag? is this ganglion ? or neuro pathway to gated lock, and city wear to aware this throng.

shunting the page. its clocking over the fastest route ever taken by verse and chase.

Over prerequisite forest heart of beat. Later we cover the tracking . Re-run in a dead its blasting furnace not furniture.

Is this Miss maxim chief? a belief in hair-pieces. Something as a quote collects the thing over a shadow's raise in the afternoon.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Baby saith Jill sang of blood and curse, the cutter slinking along bay and broom. Come there to this bucksome ranger.

"in the blogoverse of the curse of the gallant the
singlular hour of top masts me hearties, for swinging around the pike
the dromedary dromos
the top gallant mast
pipin the
furl foam
its loam
a comb
back and back its darling woes and summers the rest" Something her heard Orpheus say
phoned from the wagon wetter. cow thing. you know?

Its Mona's Mother Mary.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

flock folk



let's go

avoid the double shame of the familiar and the scholar. Scholiast to her frigging repent

Monday, November 27, 2006


Eros. Eroos. eros. such a whacky fire. morning is huzzah on the banker's win. Down to her pedal far of its ruin. Shake of its tea. Ombudsman to her budding . Or is it bud. Was lonesome to her lode star. This thing carried far to reach its gaming. Amble to the rock wait on the edge of the field. Thensome. Thensome sank a coffee right down her throat.

Thus was Jill dryad.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

rounded off

Rounded off

off the bell-shaped wind Mona's crinkly pass-

It's what happen in harbour of each Liverpool landing. Irish as the wake.
Hell as Irish. Windfarers, beware, pointed ears & eyes
rumour of landing,
and lent.
Not its hour purpose but precipice to the choice.

Jill Deleuze retires her willing vision, tucked codes to other cards and these

Saturday, November 25, 2006

M'ameselle Column

Over twisting column ma'mselle the cute!

Asian eyes to the banker of connundrumming.

Friday, November 24, 2006

this cant

This cant be your name Orpheus because lips breasts yearning eyes've seen its hercules delayed. By bending wheel and clay starked as the otter 's outdoor crook . Come in we 're moving perpinquity's row's clock. Clear to the end. Bottom to the close. At bay time swigging harbour boats tugged by puff shares allegorized by mummies chaired over donkeys a soul passing passes passing heavenward the glance in the eyes galvanized by narrow night day and its reminder between.

Jill repose her cupped hand over here its lover time the tryst.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

bowtie mirror

Inside this charged mirror its minor to its keeping skeptical of ruin
inverted a cone of measure was waning its frosty shell.
is that her she? peaking at some winding fist.
o my . word. of its lent.
Dock this boat, Dionysius. Shes orpheus to his welding .

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


coperate with my ass cleavage to your cunning|that is shameful to yer willing done
conch well. Shes bearing cool cocker for this molasses. Excuse them they doing what they done after the taste of wayward fumbles. Like socking gorillas, and repaired wire glass. Shes caliper to her rose double-hip.

So Jilly got the forest stamp. Wheeled apart, little one.

Buy a necktie brace for your hair
bow for yer stiff collar. Dress
for orinthian pell mell bates

Jillhas enuff of this to pause all right. But wont shes gone the goose to the berry the good to the gone the wing to the wand. What more can be done and said? its cheese cake in the lawn and long
brink to overwhelm her cause.

Later Fanny'll settle the matter for once and .

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Gingerly snaps the greed, reed of her extensions over rivers and beds by the weir solo act of its penitent repair . And snacking on the ridge, doaty boys, foster kids murthering sieges. That make every sentence spare. Not so the hot willing of thunder and its distant calvacade . Dented by the wheel of its further alarms and alarums. O yer sitting plunder Jill to your have some make. Carry this wand a long way, then down its bridging tarmac. And pull its heart to you.

Monday, November 20, 2006

wax alliterating

Hugged welfare mother. Her bending plea. This fandango . Her orange skit. Not narrow, but sweeping with hair waved on the f.m.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


tide of its narrowing/Jill to its sweetness/water-bearer luck-charmer tapped by its four-belled hymen-pace and then winding sheet over glimpsed gays and racket-calm charmed-sea horse coastline in the entrance course its beaten-gold. Was earth to hair this way her waist lover's-line of the segmenting-becomes over oral-wave ululate-creek here then she eat his. Weight vase of the gilded god, glimpsing

Jill eyed the fortieth plateau over the neck worthy of its part Jill to her Jimmy come my damsel we eat and wait, over the lecture sounds, smoke and fall her lines of cerulean scarlet and damsel apple green

Saturday, November 18, 2006

to her mountian

geology wolf to my mountain cat, lnyx left toward the rear of caeduces . cat over paw airs the hour unkempt as any geled geology base.

Friday, November 17, 2006


seventeen was fibre and love yer hand cutting the gliding narrow page|Move it over. Novel. Now. get there. clear the package. Errors not included. She s winding its fare cutting past draught of cuttysark and clacked wind gages. Sextant to her compass Composed to her mode. Modal winks and hair.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

you long dog

You long to punish me. He longs to banish your fairness.

To lords and ladies tournament to this wrinkled air of mellow.
Kepler to yer banishment. Fizzled to the preach.
BabOom. BaboOm. What mouth keeps that in place?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

tepid water

Ok! buster ! chill will you? chilling a captive. knock over the wood. of its if chancing.
becoming a ward donkey. stanking right to the bottom! bottom's up darlings,
check crowd,here. Say what

you behold by those mountain range?

sheer the lace around her curtains. She's holding her waist by his,
Jill tucks in her blouse.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

fourth plac e

She was three, they was four.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Frannny had had

Franny where did it go?, eh? literally on patrol as a weir
holding its manners knows better to fold its song.

Mona's amulet bearing this relic.

Piecemeal as any share holder realizes.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

deterritorialzing the deconstruct

As a smile works around the air, the area of a swoon a won time over hill

Saturday, November 11, 2006

voting for your loving

votive voting for your loving, staggering the tinker and shoe_shod maker the nail ing down

Friday, November 10, 2006


Promise to this gown its ebbing train . ANd then? frightening lion ramping the hill by a bird cage a robbing bridge gauntletted by rascal forests no forting halves dictioning her provocative pants . Pardon, you tripe of salad creaking by the higher wall where the trumpet seizes the flower
of matter. Privateering you suggest? a loathing so appallin no reef comes between you the pleating plateau before ebb talk merriment sock it to you baby the saints cantilever your derring-do. So sigh as every single hasbeen was been you been weird bin tyrant bin. A din of harrying neighbours,the glowerd sky, its cerulean fog startles the regime.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

fairest of jewels

fairest of jewels I have been your son


Aye Aye you have you have

these dramatic woodshaving off the mountain care

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

class rebel

class rebel classsique rebel. reveil of horns

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

this can

this can be your earth yor neighborhood she pause on serif coughed a slighting page. its rarity a symbol to need its believing. retrieve this power of state that chose the contrary to summer. Not married by will or rondels.

Jill hear this vivid. She has muted multiple.

In fifth doctoring wand her keeps his tune. Air to her bereft

Monday, November 06, 2006

fleece to burn

Hmm she was this oh that, a leaf in moth, berry in her beans, come to her hover mother. is this schizt flow the ebbed chafe knocking in sent waving bottom to the still bowler cap, and flipping it in the air, populous of her fleece leather leggings to the tip of her ass came off the forest laggin to her weed. come there lover. one. yer heart has peeled back the death.

because she was atheist she could not burn . its ordinary night. ordinary days in planting time and harvest was passed the depasse movement of coming backs . hand smell . tares . a period before and after and so it worked cheer to her

this becames Eve, no, Mona

Sunday, November 05, 2006


WiselY sagEly have cared

How wifely have they cared? its ball bearing camping down for the night. Not an asshole in view. Around the whole metric stew. She's charged with cash cache relent. Her sinful soup contrive. His spoken weal too coon, his cocoon rib comment.
This over here beloved. Over here, beleaguered.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

building up _then up

Religion this place. over the take out parish. Or the gold leafed bearing funeral. the somtime reel cape. or the frock of mates. Something elides the tower. Jill bears in the glancing glean . Land land land and science a pedestal of brayed ass licker ass lamas! Shush! you tomcat, its sage not to appear afantasy.

Friday, November 03, 2006

cabinet maker hope

Inside this one, her hand around his genitals
Maid to his maenad of its lyric she mouthed its word.
Cape of highway and blissbloc babye.

Imagines arms wreath. Hmm some tool, of her dirty vision.
Cockered to the foil her inhibitions're not made
but economic plaster to kickstart dialup duos,
Her .

Stupid. Mona insist this be all will flower.

Ok Winked two of its cup her breast
nape in his.

Jill .

Hmmmm comfort, confetti my love, do you you want to marry me?


At flowershop plaza
in the guttesnipe phrase, she's piping mad at his tailor made cigarette
to her maidenly homemade brew.

Cups to his ass, as any lover she wants to climb his love come.
Not vulgar but sweetful streethearting of her state beside his.

con_victed by

convicted by your ass i ve crawled to you curtaled sonnet crumblin hexameteric of hyaline hazard__
dash that swashbuckler dear one. She's Jill inher sandwhich board spontaneous _ one of croon . Shivers the cracker-barrel . Excuse Mona, we find Oona on the prarie dog. What dog is that? shifting the moon thunder over the light. Around the pair of dog thing like design her haptic pitch wayward to the unsure hope .

Prof. Deleuze shatters the kick-start base. Fanny mother the witch's foot. What lizard lick of lock is that winding yer filthy heat? You dog of stone, baited the prose sediement its seizure lent a bower rocked the rickety plovers by the dingle-tangled . Dictates time's reproach a patch of errant foolery .

Franny is saucy bold and blear-eyed, tail between her leg ferries the far tide of becomings. Or see can win the loose lover's quilt. Question mark after grammatical punctuation a breath to starts beginings end lee . Over the cutter's breeze down drops the basin. Diminutive darling you are swearing the peace cross cursing its thirsty hat, its hamper, its jewel. End period patter.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

was sweltered

professing the heart was hitting the spacious elbows sauntered the walk bard of flute, light of recording computerd the aorta of ciboriums and least of all her boxed children packing the winking lights weathering hours and morning

is that all Jill muses, wonders. Heading back to lecture hall the booking fills the room instantly hundred entreat the great One speaking his cross-word puzzle of a brain begging. No not begs, but rigs the Horus supreme symbol.

Mona O go back to an old book, will ya, Yearny? Hermlit Orpheus Antioedipus cant afford the glass-eye doom-gloom their pitch soft as the burnt night, embers.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

start car

start car was the finish. star gear was handler . or fob watchin. cat at star, bent went to fate. by nirvana's cake we were certain something arrived. Is it this fellow who cheats and whistle by the bye-bye of his double lust? she is celerity her only meaning, significance__ paid rent. Or details bythe repetition of grand canals and listings in the paper. Father Deleuze pinioning Jill g.a.t. detail to her intaglio self and brother to her hearkening deal. Ideal rent paid by spender. Fire feel and roar her way to store. Wishing the cache back the penny copper'd yuletide of content.

Thus Jill returns to studies foxy as any hen in the studio. Laminated by parakeets and iguanas.