Friday, November 03, 2006

cabinet maker hope

Inside this one, her hand around his genitals
Maid to his maenad of its lyric she mouthed its word.
Cape of highway and blissbloc babye.

Imagines arms wreath. Hmm some tool, of her dirty vision.
Cockered to the foil her inhibitions're not made
but economic plaster to kickstart dialup duos,
Her .

Stupid. Mona insist this be all will flower.

Ok Winked two of its cup her breast
nape in his.

Jill .

Hmmmm comfort, confetti my love, do you you want to marry me?


At flowershop plaza
in the guttesnipe phrase, she's piping mad at his tailor made cigarette
to her maidenly homemade brew.

Cups to his ass, as any lover she wants to climb his love come.
Not vulgar but sweetful streethearting of her state beside his.