Tuesday, June 30, 2009

take a song not a pill my true love

O you doan pull the wool
pull it pull it
pull the wool over her yes
_____________________________________________c d has been many


two song a day keeps sigmund! away the old shitter! yung&easily freudened

Moi i had sex at vincennes! and we gogo dance d with hegelian hookers!
We threw away the condoms and yelled Mille! Miller!
we threw of the condoms! yelling Miller ! Miller! thy Tropic
Topic TropICK!

Annother thing 99%philostudents are parasites! they smooch between lectures. others carry marx to bed! imagine! sex and marx!

a secret! its apparent to me that whispering is more succesful than yelling. between the whispers lies the paving stone!

(yes yes drink all the coffee!
smoke as you will
eat croissants and dont forget the butter!
the bitter the better)
warm yer arse on hegel's stool!

take the 2nd last drink moveon read yer butter dish. find a programme. the rest is shit. yer o

this is love's belly button! open yer quaffed drink to immortality!

dont pay toomuch attention to thesephilo blatherseven the best are idiots.only read the ones that write it the rest is mostly crap

rite a song ratio

Saturday, June 27, 2009

yr label

its not the label son. what peregrinning nation wants its become to eat? she raised the galleys high tilting the glass near the roof. she's hegeled round long enough, if one can ever long enough to long its enough feet.

Pseudo bastarD!

Mona rails . Rail.. it's have with you time. She's boisson to her figurine ~

Monday, June 22, 2009


Tap tap tap _ the teacher ~and the student . over the garden wall of Aristotle. and her comprehending aesthetics . thank god I've no warrant to marry!

Clare crumble the wall between becoming and being Deleuze. Being Deleuze!~ what absurdum credo is that crap?? this is the Wall coming back full blast. A dharma shade of desire covers its floral fuselage.

« Quelqu'un qui ne se laisse pas représenter, mais qui ne veut pas davantage représenter quoi que ce soit. »

________________ it's after the lecture. exhaustion joy et the quick stroll, what stroll is quick. She meant a fast walk, no a gallop to the cafe. Brain befogged.

Jill laisse se représenter __ she' dont . represent or present. she's not sent. And never resent. what do it bode to veil as this nothing biding the hour of territory. Its mercy a god. Ever presenting its nothingness. notto her advantage to find the whatever it is makes her as she was . Neither the mighty past, or gloved gift of now becoming rather other. Always an absolute and absoluting forgiving distance.

But being atheist she's keeping god out of it.

Well dear,if you're going to be covered in shit! you might as well make it up ~


between these eye itinerant iterate. your stamp. embossed
by love's great philosopher.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a bien

a bientototo~ the lone ranger in the rhizome cupped pew ~

so t hat morpheme she looked was her vein of replace all along. that was the wire knew the chicken. so Love went.

Friday, June 05, 2009

paste dish washer of the skty

Mona 's been diswasher of the sky. Washer of vassal and feud. her button was sef to its turf. her mouth untied to every fueled guild. Her captial gaining everry day. her trading skills wide and known. her cover's cap a militant fox for the doubters of time.

Crockery was mockery
and hicky dockery clock walk.
So she mumbled
grammar and clamour.
Her vaisselle is la belle amie.

____________ She washed her arm. A scullery woman a tub gleamer. A dirty floor polisher. She knew this was way to become her beyond.

Not a lday on pills she was hip to each changing caliber of her body.

If it came to tableware she was glittering with Betty page and her sadomasochistic relief. She knew it was that lave les vaiselles was her elles beyond belles lettres. So hill and lake and the pent up grief. her visage tiny love.