Tuesday, June 30, 2009

take a song not a pill my true love

O you doan pull the wool
pull it pull it
pull the wool over her yes
_____________________________________________c d has been many


two song a day keeps sigmund! away the old shitter! yung&easily freudened

Moi i had sex at vincennes! and we gogo dance d with hegelian hookers!
We threw away the condoms and yelled Mille! Miller!
we threw of the condoms! yelling Miller ! Miller! thy Tropic
Topic TropICK!

Annother thing 99%philostudents are parasites! they smooch between lectures. others carry marx to bed! imagine! sex and marx!

a secret! its apparent to me that whispering is more succesful than yelling. between the whispers lies the paving stone!

(yes yes drink all the coffee!
smoke as you will
eat croissants and dont forget the butter!
the bitter the better)
warm yer arse on hegel's stool!

take the 2nd last drink moveon read yer butter dish. find a programme. the rest is shit. yer o

this is love's belly button! open yer quaffed drink to immortality!

dont pay toomuch attention to thesephilo blatherseven the best are idiots.only read the ones that write it the rest is mostly crap

rite a song ratio