Tuesday, June 29, 2010


If Mona finds holes it's because they're the sheer size of reality. Buckling along the thing, the past tense spat heels to the  cuffing shoe, and ringing by its collar, each merry maker convinces the persuasive fact . Its being. Its being exists and the trolleys prove it to exist.

This way none have any bearing on reality fealty the dead drop and camgaign of the frustrated week and their freak show. The muddled resentment and the 
carrying on  ~ Neither
the blister of rock or its cheap leather sheep    .  How burden folds its wood light by this sheaf.  Never knowing its difference finality and the rubbing phlox of its lane  . Pink purple and mauve ever to their need, run along the hedge backing grove after

No one hears it Jill's moon is the predicatory love of its subject being  ~ fair north mariner to its company   ~ 


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


 No one has it not e ven the old bag. Harridan of the chop chop falk... something closer to nearer to its event its effect harried by lens and parried pews...

Jill comes home a 21 year old waitress waisted at  her flickering domain dominion to her sole fault.  None have reckonded on the harlequindade of romance!

Along the step of the bank... scholars in huddle formation geese honking their best whirl yet and the others plain stockings and the clothing...

appalling marks of truth and cleavage and the tinest of breast peeking almost out water'd her mouth taste a moth curling ion on her bended wrist tricked by the tic tac of catch as catch me rainbow! innoncence at the Mona's shrew budge

Among the blithe tricks of this pasture she's burrowed a million caps and hopes to her lesson   ~ .

  Ratcheting a period afteward.


tingle and its hot . tin turns burns years as the spell boundary lover. caught in borders and tenement popouts and cuts used by praxis riddeled agents of change to hope its reeking of love and the forest. and this way my claim is your claim. so love's cop soothing the wrinkles in time. buttering its matter with the forest sun the yellow gleam its  

and then its as if something held

and she wore it well not very well  but well as it would be raining by the pine forest and cunning to its raft. along the precipice and the closest thing nerves. never never and love's folded thing its wing of crushed charm and weaving climes

 So Jill married Mona in the chill of its project. Set back by the project considering all options off they 'd married the moment closer to the tear in the socks and the rainbow hug     

of love and its favorite slings. No has control of it. Making mattering and muttering.

-------------- Episode S of the unified plateau. Memoir of a swear word. Cursed by its cunning knee.

And a goddess spoke rough handled by the tourniquet key



Saturday, June 19, 2010


__________________What happens reading Repertoir et differences! the deconstucted soul brother!
yes in 78 . it was .... yeah... and we came along to hear the guy speaking. again. his voice was hoarser.. no . we were weaned on pleasure the surplus value consumption trapped in 'ur solitudes.... before each day and night the Monday and Tuesday after... we flooded the week we fled... rose to the air of our encounter the intensity he emitted... particle and half wave of purchased thought... harbinger and habit of beauty...and Jill was very cool esp after the grimoire and the gangsters left Haiti high and dry ....

Mona sobbed the funeral... knew... knew within seconds he'd jumped hundred feet to open... casket.... death

then the crowd was sanctified was it a leap to the pilgrimage height of immanence?

She kept riding. It was 1978. I came back from Italy for the second part of the talks on the plateau about work and the barbarian surplus code.... we saw Felix there and in Italy it was night itwas day but a few months later as in the twinkling of an eye everything went awry---- friends've been friendship sellers, consumers of their own production. Guegads of their surplus sexlove. What a pity in contrast to them days.... We slip through the cracks to dance its molecular revery....


Friday, June 18, 2010

first button

 is the orthodox unity . caped winged and catted. cougars and buggers. and merry den making. and off the wives. and heave the boulder. colder the feel tramp sprite light its nick spot weight. Not restless but going giving receiving loving available becoming.

So Franny's frank capitulation to truth told.

___________________________________She pushed then shoved yielded and the moment harried. fell
down on its swooping  titmouse to its love club.

Restless as the catamaran narrator.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

wrangle it


Proliferate every moment. Ting touch ring. Between the verb... herbagee~ counting dusk  ~courting musk she's wearing core clothing... nuclear vestments for her cage...

wrangle the feet tomtomtit dactyl to the bridge marionette its stage, becoming its feathery cope

round the edge of its flowerd haze   ~

themes bend and unite    ~ seeming to slink into the things an expression  married 
along its pole
the rent of cumbersome 

gifts weeds
to its

crowd   ~

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

rink to play


Rink to play. Think fury its parrot squeeze and the schizophrenic knees beneath the battering. Not will but pill making ... sassafras... grass... for the obscene berry ~

_________________________Jill's moniter . Thief to her begging food from assholes never lent a page in their lives.

Jerks to the forward obscene harridan hags always righteous at their asshole's revival ~

____________ A truepenny for your thought winding out her master's pair she's gotten every subject right, ridge to the claim, sequestered to her unwilling game ~

________________ If Jill's one she's one two three ~.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

if this (head) ache has no one


Manichean was not what .. she ccacacaarrredd for .. Not that way the sun. And moon . And. Its galloping height. ..

your dance god's swollen.. wanting... not wanting... getting... forgetting .. the lyric strain Orpheus lyric pyrrhic to his shed...c arefree... pyramid in the blazing sun...
Mona .. Lovers are thirsty so Mona the moon and and sun ...

________________________those calibrated bodies .. something along the line of mist.. lien of resistance and dispropertied spirits hung on the dry ... line of flight... not a line of glitch but resistance's best name...

Monday, June 14, 2010


 Tender render the love's coon cocoon baboon its primal warp, the purpose days fuse hour's mighty thaw~ proliferate the thaw as alongside

the strata she's . and housing closer recline every slumber... Okay Jill moves on at steady clip . Marriage of figaro. Not a rest to between. Only the ones who 've seen the cute thimble of her wrecking...

If Jill spends 12 years it's because a doctor knows least and  She's extinct a Yahi to every member of her clan.. Not banding but but apprehending the apprentissage __ Aristole's mason. Yarrow, bramble leaves, ...plaintain horsetails...pomegranate flowers... cures  falling womb distemper  ...Aristotle's chemistry...Mistter Botany and the walking talking school... snakes skin   take comfrey roots an ounce, rupture-wort two drams, yarrow, mugwort, each half an ounce, boil them in red wine ... .  A reason to live in this world versus the shady  cave thinkers ....  O  field of generation... O

be held up a s a hand to mo u  t  h    ~


+Wrangles her tooth cant find glasses to fit
the perfect match of nose eyes
leaning readin titling head
loving the loving
book  ~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

what ho


 ________________________Pom! Pom! Pom none has a wedding core as these rushed  similes do in the parchment and wet waitiing   ~

Hence you duckling of the cold sea's deaf bride . her briny soup'll oil your fair weathers, gushing beaches black shit of oil's barren brief. What hail and ho its prim weather signing the dotted sheet of crossed and I's. I's been the diction. And escape it not your favored medley.

Has Jill been many to her tomsome? tomtrombone thumbing over the hills of play and the genitive runs out... wired by the sound the gracious knocking of things rocking together   ~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

ointment unguent~

allies and dominions. confederacies of filli'eren.

It was the forty seventh day of her request, the plateau of minding.

Texte ecrite et detourne._______________Over there Mona's face her breast. Camping ground other. Lip to suck mouth old mother's cow. The brindled toe of bidding donuts. Not cute hamburgers, plated lens, a nd other foster care ware yet renewed by the happenstancing riddle to true bread.

_________________A mama's last boy is her son. What rule of thief guards this way? O shrew O paradise O loam   ~ lover liam   ~


Why did the afternoons go so merrily . Lion wllow's .

Friday, June 11, 2010


Jill's couvade was like any other. Unlike other any she was alliterate to literature. ligagature to her 'awesome' self. Wrangled by the part abstraction of the noun. And pressing on her presage parsnip she was cutaneous to her poison wish. Wishing on the thought its banishment fell. Out that road she's no distress for any but her self. And the empty of its full. Say coke bottles, empties from old frigidaires, and soft drinks from another time. Another time conducted over love's hugger muggery ad the lady's blessed breasts.

Mona's seen all but knows less each happen standing square for the next. Her name many wished to its beak forecast cap   ~ 


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Cursory of the finger ~ Italianate fountain played for dead ~ rippin' its hulk. Buried the buster. Fluster to the cradle to the wind. Fat to its repeating silver lens. Calibrated to every run ~

Curse of the fringe hanging bangs along the foreheard, forewarned by the poleax god hefted in a bard's idolatry ~ and bearing



a v
owel cut OFF

_____________its not the reactive delirium nor the locked up a room even when alone

one it's the other the alcoholic flapper her jewels.

Melancholic ~ the body is an ass ~ .

Get rid of it ~


If she'd whatsoever persist away we'd come to the thing that ~

__________ tether the green ~

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

run tin

Run tin and mustard oscitant in the morning sun over the field. Something of these line heading west. Come along your folly, tramping in the lane, before the

sexy beloved object! Not of art but raw lust! Instinct ganging up! Oscilloscope of your legs and measure of your peat! So Jill's ganglion self. Ropery in the sand band. Came in the week. Call~an~to her faint winding bawdry... She had it congress with the wicked tongue of ...medieval medical day. And roamed the tipsy sand.Chipboard and the usual daily droll. And fallacy flap sand,

rummage to the caretakers of sick self.

Pelf and south the taken night and given day.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Tented clothed|Caesar case: madmen despot, signifier dictator. Fire hydrant . Samedi des morts ~ imagines the beloved friend knifing him Et tu? Et toi? Toi aussi?  Tried Tyrant in his goose apple wheel, What oligarchic  puper  this  the ages of barbarian babble?

Cease! her!  _____________ pregnant tunnel of baby busting out sooner than  ~ foreseen its cunning  histrionic  thing thing whatsoever. As death dictates so it like to imagine our tomtim wordings of leafage wordage |

It shall not.


Sunday, June 06, 2010

tunnel and funnel

the sun's gray loon. its purple ridge. the rippled wen. a shadow of wearing and beside the oriental mix the dusk rosing its sunset we ~yes to timber of forest. laminated wood and beside the would could factored to its dawn.

greasy back there at the oil of your ass. along the lodging forest guts of myrhh something there .. . animals and pated crowns, corniches to hide the brown a writer brooks her commercial to the transatlantic doom  ~

the sun's grey lion ~


Saturday, June 05, 2010


Stayed by



as in

he could not remember her translated progressive
grammar of translation tense awkward steal of kiss and night. JIll was
maybe when she was perhaps and yaps was like that anyhow. Mona was JIll
one two and three in the arborescent tree: names and e NUN ciations were
like that: Fit for Furred Queens and Virgins on the edge of the Word made
lightly she was soft on the hard and hard on the plated gums of her
partially plated teeth

Friday, June 04, 2010


Stay your horses strugglers! shaving pints are what yer in need of....


__________________Things to write:

Plateau::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Wszzzzzzzzzz a la Felix

she was night when she spoke

she was Orpheus

and Jill was leaning down.
When Jeel red this she was GWa and Ga and Tu and tarry and deleuzeed by
her guattaris of Illusion. And Professor D. was a W sound in the sounding
of many idiolect placeaus! and so it was . When her Jeel was  Jilled she
was jack and gyped jilled by her dereader and like jacques she was
dejacquespare and spare as. Now as Jill leaning and learnin' down er what
quidditas? was it entelechy of savour which made her a gracenape
scapegrace? Oh but she was read sexyeroti
cked wordsumes
"Though perhaps not "gWa--Ta--Ree" but rather "Ga-Ta-Ree" The 'w'
sound,in French, at least, is not pronounced, to my knowledge.
> FG pronounced it *with* the 'w' sound, fyi.
> Also, Fay-leex."

One does not speakit with it. But withness and sidereal
against the announced word ... so she sighed in tethered that was teeth
transposed finally upon her horsexuality.

Gill knew she was dill when she was
lightly del-erze by urns and ashes flying in the wind of the Fifth storey
apartment building. The real vrai question to Mona was: was the adress
"bis" ou non "bis"? She could not remember her translated progressive
grammar of translation tense awkward steal of kiss and night. JIll was
maybe when she was perhaps and yaps was like that anyhow. Mona was JIll
one two and three in the arborescent tree: names and e NUN ciations were
like that: Fit for Furred Queens and Virgins on the edge of the Word made
lightly she was soft on the hard and hard on the plated gums of her
partially plated teeth

"""Shane Maybe wrote:
--- bdeanrob-AT-sgi.net wrote:> Del-*use* *Gwa*-Tar-*Ee*
I always thought it was "Del-erze". And what about his
first name? I've heard "Jee" and "Jill".
Jeel, though lightly on the 'l' sound, and soft on the 'j'.
Deh-luhz (avoid the -ooze, or even -use sound)."

O! my Patois and Lucaszzzzzzzzzzzzshhhhhhhhh. she was
soundsszsoudnnnnnnnszzzzzzzzz which couldnt be scribedered. LOsshof
shyntazh. was so peaks was then and Now Jill was Jil withonly No L and

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

the canoe


 the canoe's a Canadian thing... portage portaging roughing it over land... going a r ... ou n..d as the water... come s ...to a 'abrupt' ... ending... So it was and taking the long way .... 'round' offered this 
reader... his 'fair' share of her wily roofs ... the rood of the god's higher... path... in france they aint got no canoes... the

canadian woods... the bristle cold.... was Mona's tearing ... pa....a....a th.. the long way... roun' wasn't the betrayal of its forging .. tune to the first earth melodic of the cost .. and upriver down river winding lake and Jill ... balking at the broom cold shiver balk at its wood...

caballine leafs  ... Pegasus treaded  here... he did did he? and silver pitched fountain Hippocrene's dent nearby at the far ridge... soapstone and paddle brooks... an artic frost ... hum ... the night's clear  ~ spell crystal   ~


Tuesday, June 01, 2010


the day has results for the love_r of the Chinese woman/Jill's threnody is a pop chart icicles rolling if they can be said to saddle their raddler's gulf! Gull eyes you torque the melody whispering at its husk bent to its tears the veil of her hair and

___________________________her hair's net that time at the cash O it sent Jack round the deconstructing vases of love. Love's buff carried its proud vessel! miles and miles ! and he marked her wedding  ~ 

______________ So it was and love's bucket was a choo-choo train.

_____________________Now professor was that an allegorizing the  thing connecting 2 to  1 _______________________

_______________________ CD tangles the rings and fingers, her ankle bracelet

_________________I'll make love to her hourly daily as lovers do become their selves. In hotel city, over the wake of the swept ocean   ~