Tuesday, June 22, 2010


tingle and its hot . tin turns burns years as the spell boundary lover. caught in borders and tenement popouts and cuts used by praxis riddeled agents of change to hope its reeking of love and the forest. and this way my claim is your claim. so love's cop soothing the wrinkles in time. buttering its matter with the forest sun the yellow gleam its  

and then its as if something held

and she wore it well not very well  but well as it would be raining by the pine forest and cunning to its raft. along the precipice and the closest thing nerves. never never and love's folded thing its wing of crushed charm and weaving climes

 So Jill married Mona in the chill of its project. Set back by the project considering all options off they 'd married the moment closer to the tear in the socks and the rainbow hug     

of love and its favorite slings. No has control of it. Making mattering and muttering.

-------------- Episode S of the unified plateau. Memoir of a swear word. Cursed by its cunning knee.

And a goddess spoke rough handled by the tourniquet key