Saturday, June 19, 2010


__________________What happens reading Repertoir et differences! the deconstucted soul brother!
yes in 78 . it was .... yeah... and we came along to hear the guy speaking. again. his voice was hoarser.. no . we were weaned on pleasure the surplus value consumption trapped in 'ur solitudes.... before each day and night the Monday and Tuesday after... we flooded the week we fled... rose to the air of our encounter the intensity he emitted... particle and half wave of purchased thought... harbinger and habit of beauty...and Jill was very cool esp after the grimoire and the gangsters left Haiti high and dry ....

Mona sobbed the funeral... knew... knew within seconds he'd jumped hundred feet to open... casket.... death

then the crowd was sanctified was it a leap to the pilgrimage height of immanence?

She kept riding. It was 1978. I came back from Italy for the second part of the talks on the plateau about work and the barbarian surplus code.... we saw Felix there and in Italy it was night itwas day but a few months later as in the twinkling of an eye everything went awry---- friends've been friendship sellers, consumers of their own production. Guegads of their surplus sexlove. What a pity in contrast to them days.... We slip through the cracks to dance its molecular revery....