Monday, June 14, 2010


 Tender render the love's coon cocoon baboon its primal warp, the purpose days fuse hour's mighty thaw~ proliferate the thaw as alongside

the strata she's . and housing closer recline every slumber... Okay Jill moves on at steady clip . Marriage of figaro. Not a rest to between. Only the ones who 've seen the cute thimble of her wrecking...

If Jill spends 12 years it's because a doctor knows least and  She's extinct a Yahi to every member of her clan.. Not banding but but apprehending the apprentissage __ Aristole's mason. Yarrow, bramble leaves, ...plaintain horsetails...pomegranate flowers... cures  falling womb distemper  ...Aristotle's chemistry...Mistter Botany and the walking talking school... snakes skin   take comfrey roots an ounce, rupture-wort two drams, yarrow, mugwort, each half an ounce, boil them in red wine ... .  A reason to live in this world versus the shady  cave thinkers ....  O  field of generation... O

be held up a s a hand to mo u  t  h    ~


+Wrangles her tooth cant find glasses to fit
the perfect match of nose eyes
leaning readin titling head
loving the loving
book  ~