Wednesday, July 22, 2009

does have to do

Franny fiddles. Not a violin or string of long rope. bu t a dare over the sun. its raising tune to thunder all day. her sleep is mess to pottage the running weir If large was big she'd be normal but she's Wilde to her Oscar love speaking its game. Or was that. Or come again. dear sirlet to remus as his rome.
The scale of things is approximate she's escaped her prone. For every furrow'd fare she's come undone to spare her looking home. what fare does it make to cover home? does she bear its tuning sheep? How does a burrow cover its narrow presage,its marrow to the bone.
If the radio's on she's shocked. Not holding with contractions or their predecessors, this manner gives her _______ . Shes shocked "in other words" as like "any maiden aunt" tired of the bills of the hospital, she's pioneering her clinique d'archéologie. It must be wrenched from the matter of thing and being. Not ruched her skirt is tail bone to her shimmy shimmy shake. She likes her women this way. Suffered by love's little paradox bone.

Jack-arsed she doesnt move. Rings the bell. Velvet plush curtain. The stairwell covreed in hollies.

_before fig the wash of air over the stellar street. she's bared boned to the cape. its a strange astrology that allows this name.

Around the diction of her clutter. Its like this. Coming round the hedge poplars. Willows perhaps, then once the elm. Has masked its tame name. she's no place for the plethora abounding in her . A suit fits her rhinestone fine. What cunning fennel is this in the seed of the ?

So, then wheat, barley, bran, corn. Threshing fields. Soaked with the stunk with the ~

The mouth a lavender sink of

Jill's minding her own business. Shes garnered geese and mice. That way language works. Shes got golphers and tails. Not of mice but of reeking fish. Say, catfish, not barracuda.

Over the Zulu hundreds of warriors gather. For the plain, for the battle.

The room is set.

Monday, July 20, 2009

schioreno little

schizoreno little wrote:
--------- Characters in a framed narrative make Derrida and his gang angry and upset, those who are not literalists read literally. They make false connections and make precisely the error they wish to avoid. A void that is not their's but a black hole she creates thinking Levinas will save her. Ah, she says, I am psychotic, tell me it is not true. But it's true, he the Father loved and hugged me. Ah, but father was your word, her word. I have no father, my father is in heaven.
"When Orpheus lost his head, he found a piece of it in her mouth
Eurydice and her children in hades
in that place _______________________
(any space of death and ashes)
Orpheus goes to look for Eurydice
E. speaks She cries out after him.
E. has her own kids
O. gets killed again, by thesong
Eurydice and Orpheus the Opera.

I am one of those people who have been to the desert and carry it with me.
up if you wish here is nothing more useless than an organ.When you ill have made him a body without organs you will havelivered him is automatisms and resom you will teach him again to dance wrong side frenzy of dance hallside out will be his real


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mona Marooned

shes hell on wheels Mona Marooned clinking flatware/stick-ball kick the can her mouth plasterd summer lake by loon
Mona monkies the piece, a texture of fragment hill her winning stir her maker's game, denial's dummy and the sharedown dummies. Gored by tusk wheeled by state, its the imp down pleasure of the hour.

If Mona was herself, she'd someone else, becomed someone else. the sentence that makes her, putters
across over the page that fabricates a writing. Something like the gerund that higgledy-piggedly rattles its thumb. What! sheepers,she claims, I am the disjuction of traps, trapezoids, marathons, miraculating weaves, sampled tigers, bright laned in watch lists, not something to fib a horizontal
line of flight. Her mouth filled with line of flight, the Fffff sound open out rags her ne'er do well in the bum down days of nomad strobe light lovers of cartoon filled day."

So Jill beauty was shown. She was show.n. She was

shown the door ~ .

She was shoggle and shimmy
untrue knight-errant
erring her pave
rue and true
~ So kissed it went her kip.
Kiss it GoodbyE~

Monday, July 06, 2009

her lover

in this part world. .sad picture wont change. dust air mellow camping . rearguard active. or the body without organ hovers its humid way. So Oona, clarified hercontent to expressive mediums and her low down day was evenentually pressed petal in citation amber. her lover was night