Saturday, September 20, 2008

fictions have always been pure desire i poesie is death to the eNunciation of desire all I is false

Add FictiOns and Other Stiff staff of dying ThIs Page, thEsE pagEs Do bE geTtiGn crowded Shoute Fanny! and it was so multiplicity!
Now See The Fictions of Deleuze and Guattari 2 | One Thousand Blogs and One | Rhizomater; schizz flows and flowers with Felix and Franny in their walk through the tunnel of love; remarkable moments with the analyst and his patients, secret recordings of Guattari and his lover differance; conferences with Guattari and the secretive Toni Negri; a brief moment when Genet meets Guattari; Simone de Beauvoir and becoming Cixous not Sixous; Sixeee and the Banshees do the Rhizome dance and the Screens fall Sometime Soon Mona marries Jill ¸¸^.and they have seX breakIng all the Episodic RuleS. I send you this love from the depths of my literature, ligature.These fictions are the news of epistemology.|

Monday, September 08, 2008

over the fifth plateau

do the thunder roll of bodies on the rile. Jill comes bearing rift of . memory.

schhzizz sisters my arse

schhzizz sisters my arse

So, Mona is worse than the Lacanians. They, at least, are only looking forthe Father. But Mona's looking for "daddy". Schizo-sisters of desire myass.

My ArSeing Lord
what's happend to the gambit
at half mast!

Mona's a jewel roughs up the pages of all ages. Camps on the bivouac of buttocks standing room only her only cope.

Love is a buck. Not a reindeer> What plateau of threshelded subject passes this cutting dracula?