Tuesday, June 01, 2010


the day has results for the love_r of the Chinese woman/Jill's threnody is a pop chart icicles rolling if they can be said to saddle their raddler's gulf! Gull eyes you torque the melody whispering at its husk bent to its tears the veil of her hair and

___________________________her hair's net that time at the cash O it sent Jack round the deconstructing vases of love. Love's buff carried its proud vessel! miles and miles ! and he marked her wedding  ~ 

______________ So it was and love's bucket was a choo-choo train.

_____________________Now professor was that an allegorizing the  thing connecting 2 to  1 _______________________

_______________________ CD tangles the rings and fingers, her ankle bracelet

_________________I'll make love to her hourly daily as lovers do become their selves. In hotel city, over the wake of the swept ocean   ~