Wednesday, June 24, 2015

rethank a word


                                          Mona's gonna thank the words

    the cow in the brim 

 brindle candle of a breath to the tear

   her hand shaking quivering on the knock on the door

she's anylist to her paysense knowing most folks won't grope but dope. it's a given of redention. A new formationof recouping cages of.

Jill kicks her boot off a cape flung round her collar bone . a  precious prayer to say.


Sunday, June 21, 2015


               Mona's  got a jacket between her legs that says hey nonny-nonny this is most golly-jolly with a hey an ho an this life's most naughty for the taughty for the lossy the lousy?

 This was after reading Klo...  she went skiing 'down' the existential slope her ontological salad a missing wound to her salient summer.

   One  of the fifth and last? what summer brings? who knows the hammer of repetition charms out its difference to the god-sake of the becomings

what body seeks its snow? 

      ____ the sweat of her promise.
 the promise of her sweat & taste.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

A short history....


A short history of desire-jeans   .

A shorty history of desire machines: Mona's apparel is sudden white burst on something near to continguous. Groaning afflairs of the heart-piece! the light wind blows
into the neck of night a night as like other window buildings into eternity's white bust a breast near full to bursting
with its glory love a humdinger of a hummer into bearings east west north south all veering to her love. A body bearing this love worries no one.
Worries none.

Are your eyes burning then Sir? Aye indeed they is for lack of seeing her ,a  sight for sore eyes on my poor head! my poorer
heart, my crying secret genitals!
 A oneness smoothed between us.
these violins play stop and start. Parley.
there is no rain like this one. no coolness as fresh

  A period finds its place 'full  stop' comme on dit.
 Comme il faut.
                                        No one sees this ribbon bow rainbow

_                                      ______________________