Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A moose is not a goose!... (yr desire machine... dig it )

... dig it )

 it's not as the singular plural moves around the mongrel and the late arrivals hanging their hats on the top of any tongue arriving a  bidding tongue on the move...

 O goose and Moose .....

A thousand    years back ....  and the more recent cousin a  mere 400 years back...

An S is not a caboose!

 So your wakes is not wake uin singulles  guessing green gobeens.

In the cloud... (yr desire machine... dig it )

 Mona and the fictions can  live on a cloud (google's? blogger's?) so that readers-citizens   can read and  talk (to them)  and text  the characters  on any connected tablet  ))) O what joy! to speak to one's characters to know their names

& hear their voices ! and perhaps evenhaving relations with them! to ponder their secrets, their unconscious rainson des 'etres!  >>>>> so thus we 'll find a novel unheard of epistemology the one of outer space that's actual out there in the actual ever expanding universe