Sunday, November 23, 2014

.. is pressing


Jill is pressing has sheep for clothing esp. as it comes around to disguising the vessel of a  night. Long time past and hurried forward a harbinger of its daring. She hushed its knockabout. She's going to come back later. Come back. Later. Later come back . Going to . She's going to. She hushed she hushed she hushed . a hard working door. pressed her lavender heart   

                       Jill made her mighty . Mona's got feet like geese that free her of the ridge of sentenced poise.

As she wing(s) down the upbringing of her fervent. No, it's the one clandestine portal remaining to her left in the bigamous world of the three-backed beast. Jenny and Jill Franny and Mona every artistocrat knowing this bending and switch.

                          Mona has a baby bitterness cancer and ugly her face she threw her out of court. Chucked her the odd-ball eternity.

Luxurious like any bathing wind.


Monday, November 17, 2014



 Franny sur le trottoir.   Nuages, étoiles, nuit, c'est la clarté des ombres et non pas les amants avec leur passion leur érotisme et l'ennui. C'est le nuage des envers les sols les étincelles.

On pense à ceux qui sont la, dans le perd et le pardon qui ne passerait pas. A chaque choix la voix. 

Et c'est comme ça pour les autres et autres . Les vers, les genoux.

   Quelle étrange pense  Mona dits a elle même pour un monsieur comme toi. On parle, et tu parle dans un voix qui est  mystérieux et la même temps  muet.
 Comme si des voyelles s'en fuit devant toi.

___ Mona has her homework cut out for her if she thinks Franny's reading Gerriga.