Sunday, August 26, 2007


Jill has a hairy path. Her heart gathers geese. Gobbling on the sunset down of go'ds odd ball humdinger. She shoot lasso park and wonders parkas to her downy mist. Piddling to the seeking god of down and run. Not a ny lethargic leg'll suit her. Her love's a red red blue, and her flag staff's kicking true.

they ~ les Vrais d

yes but U cant explain lief and reel. or North adn south and the bands of desire can you? or how the truck faces north and not south. all these threads of es^pecially epistolary notions.

les vrais dissidents sont moléculaires

verlaine wrote Yes yes I recall when Gilles was phoning Felix and saying Whitehead Whitehead! have you read this and Felix slammed the phone down! shouting shooting like a bat out of hell! I'm off to get those books! those books! O WHite O head O white O head O Head O white

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

mona an antinous

in the sky rhizome packed with stars, she shoo_ed her telegram matical working theday
the night
was riveted by plain of scribing terror. volcanic ash to hurry along her swain long

we sorcerers know the way to stars, and blank heavens

In Persia we found firmament and persil.
Not parsimonius, or Petronius but love.

Her body. glued.

Antinous, Orpheus, and splayed Sappho
the other double . One.

she was reading her ghazal as
the hen wave herd


its knock wee d self.
over Jill 's high hump.

What is the swirl in the stair of the sky?
a satyr bending to her body lover
double black caped and holed
his sidereal vestment in the tabloid of desire.

start again in the middle ~~~~~~~~````

moving spiral / text alternating

shot space time


then them that wants surplus gets it . but territory is not identical to construct. decomposition not the same larrative as deterritorializing the earth of its scoped pincers ~ .

Trouped hooped and married She never pledged to fortune's wide risk, its baneful folly. Cheers of coned content to her main.