Friday, April 30, 2010

Midland mound heap

Franny's wearing a shirt ~
her breasts nipples show. Medallions of love. She's heard of grief, but she's held the hanky to her eyes and not her heart. Her heart's open as a bus ~

The sentence goes on forever. Over the river banking shallow boats. Calm as the water and others. THe sentence is not that one, or the kind you think

No one can close the holes as she does.. tacking up the pots... moving the linen caring for the feat... over the garden .. wall potsherds... and longer lines if these hypocrites go away .

If Mona feels the knight she's called her. Confusion don't reign! she's the winner of loses.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Keeping sacred space face. the lock s the water the moving. And clouds parking and the wind soughing ... the water shimmering back across the canal

is god squeaky clean I doubt-it worthies, your tides tirade the camping knight... he swooshes over its past path.. he approaching carries his mit... he's worried shes loving another another to love another worrying to another love its worrying... it's trying her nerves she wants to have the man in her arms his arms clad around her back her arms clad come close its working shes holding its blowing mist across the

she's peering and its seeing that's hearing the word sung rose the weeded room to bed and roses roses and bed in the velour space of this .... she's loved him angel what he has to fret about to fret what for fret it's a guitar string he 's got caught between fingering the chords .. the notes stayed in the air .. hung up there in their place of their ideal love...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Going staying breathing. White. And pain musters its . And across the yard, O is. That hangman's noose. And the breath of puffed up spring robin-redbreast full of . Yes, and the happiest blossoms of swelled bosom showing. And the ear of locks, and the lover. Not so the quick pink merchandise becoming white outside the rear window and o if this nightingale is conceived by shells and stones what do you do ? Open the air sails Jill sail hoisted higher than it's ever been and its becoming lee-ways to port ...

and the white fur ruffles many feathers.... glow park glow your orient mist ~!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ring and thing

You've always made this bed your home. Shit and leap. THe run down platter and shanty. If village made morons this'd be the only hope. Not a religious litigious maniac, but a sole and soft submarine of love's pitter patter, the dicky of the cuckoo-cuckoo and the owl |
_____________________Of the infinite ardors there are none like these. Rosemary the abstract patches, and this bodyface. And East heading north due south on the compass Love.

Does the drunk wake you and the old woman curse your? Well, she's grabbed every hour out her pension.A the doorway leading up the stairs to her garret. There was. And then Raskolnikov bearing guns and hatred. if this Russian is your furtive glance then hail blithe rose! your only burying turn.

Love a capital H. ~

Monday, April 26, 2010

The hair

The hair mates pull. Volvo and valance stuck on the ash. If you're a wastrel Ill love you more ugly than ever. Ugly as the liver, lover to the two time storm.

more than ever you are clog. Not the knot brilliantine but the tweaking of the pillory. Jill stammer tthru the poorest. of them all yet. her time is as none everrrrrrrrrrr.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Perforce the text arrives as a dead dog. People use dogs as intimidation. Ipods and dogs and ear plugs the monadic death of the contemporary shut_out. The tv death. Split between vicious dogs and jobs ~ the split between. Swallow them in the big asshole, Mona's dream. Shit them~! out!
Avalanche arrival! that's Jill's other game. No one breathes like this. Honey and yellow wax perpendicular to the lawn. Immobile dinners and thwarting the red line of true . And the whooping cough room merges with the patented silver. But not the argent stamps fabricated by the loyal fifth column... If grammar's got Mona by the seat of her pants, it's cause no one hears, case, to gender noun the phrase its back up jury. Not the duty, but the pleasure of lovers, only on the promised bus....

At the aqueduct ceremonial bamboos fretted panes and gessoed works, she touts the phase as if a flashlight bid its stark relief, no one purporting or controlling the wave's fever . As the ruse of the idea and the countryside's bliss,

she's held the acorn long and understands better than to be bitter about crusts... and the lover's lifted neck...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

en anglais

Le laid et les ombres .

En anglais les prix. On fixe les notes on mange des oignon et toujours le larme des jours. Et âpres c'est jamais le même cho

_________________________Jill rencontre son ami elle conte les étoiles des mouches et le soir de vert rouges et cinq minute par fois. Un très délicat ami ~ .

Finalement elle perde sa bouche .


Friday, April 23, 2010

back to philosophy with a tamer hammer

Climb this ladder and see. The periscope the landing and the things.A ragged monster and demonstrating the remarkable tour of the thought collapsed by its own colour. Mona holding out! BoomBoom!Boom her brain fare fat. With Rosy cheeks and laureate dawn. A frieze of fierce joy holds her. If this avalanche continues its smuggling pace, we're announced by imprecise nerves. No better than ever, nor less . Previous pennywise we're counting waybills. if the email head wont grapple while leaves vibrate the highway's cowed acquaintance. She's perished of deception and this as its heard not obscene . Crowed crowed and crowed. The arrogant young man won't belly flop down. He's burdened all his feet. Vessel by dawn, and the clapping light. Crystal repair love.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


C'est un autre type de français qu'il parle. Meilleur et le mot perdue . Meilleur et vainqueur ~

Victoire de perdue et l'encre des desirs

Alors Mona prend sa temps et l'air est pur . Elle pense pense et récompense le noir belle nuance des le schizolinguist ~ !~ Avec ses mains elle tient le boudoir des amants et plus elle cherche une ami de tendances. Ou elle vive ~ bon, alors, c'est ca c'est ca.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If turning

If turning is what we're about here's what happens. people take things literally living in the figurative past of injury resentment and past. She's hopped into her shit stuck to the climate. O come along you modern past get over your self.An arhaic flair for nothing.

In the 72nd plateau

Schizerno little had written :

--------- Characters in a framed narrative make JackDerry and her gang angry and upset, those who are not literalistic read literally. They see false connections and make precisely the error they wish to avoid. A void that is not their's but a black hole she creates thinking Levinas will save her. Ah, she says, I am psychotic, tell me it is not true. But it's true, he the Father loved and hugged me. Ah, but father was your word, her word. I have no father, my father is in heaven.

"When Orpheus lost his head, he found a piece of it in her mouth

Eurydice and her children in hades

in that place _______________________"

(any space of death and ashes)

Orpheus goes to look for Eurydice

E. speaks She cries out after him.

E. has her own kids

O. gets killed again, by theE song

Eurydice and Orpheus the Opera. Mona marries Orpheus ending the decade long rivalry between the hang Eurydice and her buttocks blue.

I am one of those people who have been to the desert and carry it with me.

Jill at the ripe age of eighteen got it:

Give up if you wish here is how come: you will have delivered him his automatism and reason you will teach him again to dance wrong side frenzy of dance hall side out will be his real


Remote as a coat there's  (the) awl. Crabbed by history and the tear of a pocket. Resistance at the first sullen creature. A torrid air mud, deterritory forgotten cost of . Not that again, please. Whispers the between the syllables blue beat.

Then refine it fill the bulwark chew the seed , there's no plane like the plane of consistency and the _ Jill standing in class at Vincennes: there's no airplane like the areocomplane of consistency.

Mona : and the jackasses of desolidariatiour academy? a shitboxe condemns them to penal servitude fortriveranriver shitstuck to eyeballing. Wanked to heaven's end!

_____________Franny yer much to nice my love. Come fuck me loverfuck
____________________ Mona retires to kitchen continuin her reading  Quatre notes méchantes sur un livre méchante.

_She drink tea whilst translating the transfer  

_____________________________________|| After
_____________________________________|| they gonna
______________________________________kick Mister
_____________________________________||Badiouassout _________________________________________||hedoor.

The awl then nothing~ but her blue sweet buttocks.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tangle mire

In the legendary mud of all. Time  is  a band prepared for thieves. Knight to their erring conduits the selves of saviors and others.In the brief belief of this love affair antlers charging.and the penultimate relief of your guarding duty. A furtive fruit hangs .

Jill she change the bowl, offer cherry and cuntass this hooker's demise is good for Kant. That old biddy had ethics up her arse! A stick along the old fundamental pie! they stink from far-off! If we said here today and come tomorrow she'd be collecting frights all afternoon. O the things we've banded pressed and culled my stove, her pipe and the cramped afternoon. So an embryo must huff to get  by! a truer Madonna of the leaves never got by. Bye and by these days.

Monday, April 19, 2010

posh feet

Wigwams and bodies over the ground. Sweet the earth and its pelt. Sweet the taste of her lips across the honey page, this book lifts its eyes to yours and penning along its name scroll to the air of its viola

Jill's jacket is nuptial bliss to the pinochle bevel, and the terrace and knowing solitude is the only group you work in. Wrought by parenting fish and the tribe of leafs and the mirror of elbows and Mona hears the ribboned sigh of its restlessness and invent.
If the train could get him there he'd arrive tonight to your smile calling your initial C~ C ~ C ~ voila on est la ~ tant d'amour amour
tant d'amour cœur brise
un peu
une pour toi

Sunday, April 18, 2010

the Dawning Knight

Biting the edge post of infinitival and the dawning knight.

The dawning knight is red. She's come a ways. And perforce prepared forever to flee her maker. That bugger! monster of the woes and . Mister forcing a containment was arrested yesterday . Put back in the stockade! comeuppance for barring of his ideas. She knows this as it heard her song and the gallant page. A squire was hurting hurling hurling.

If shes banding and contrabandin' whats there to become? an ointment of lotions counting the rudimentary deep! A big loom boom to the ringing paw of the fat earth herself. The great mother womb come to mama? O well its better a studied death hatred than indifference and its phony inferences. If the colour's got a family in waiting we'll pluck red green other ambergris sails tawny from lying overly long in the downpour. And the shed of penmanship and destiny and the harvest goes to see them.A s the clock repeats its lament and the rattling leper

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A writer

 You've always came along. Rouged and roughed by the adze . To say merry makes best is cheating the forest folk of their meat. She liked lemon meringue pie thinking women were the language of love. They was hate. And the hardy hotel. A dirty Greek falling from the decayed building edifice to the plunging rate of capital's best ruse. Shit on the open marker of . This bodes nothing parallel or berating. She's a fine tease on a squaw's mesaMona's house is clear and bent, she's like old houses, with halfway marks astride them. Her aural wafer and the jolly tenements.  Beringed by you desire to hatred, anger and beleaguered bullshit of this sort seperating the friends shamedto their assfaces... O winner~ Lose! thy pride a sullen piece of cactii!
 ______________________________________Fanny _ringringring . Jill! its her come to the phoneticcon! hurry shes rearing her letters. Polishing her toes, _ she's your jongleur! you capricoious boy! Hurry!


Friday, April 16, 2010


Ring around the lemonade! as a kid I played many times the store minder. Kept to his own business by the rackets of economy. Once i was president of the lemonaid consortium for three seconds. In those second I grasped the diversity of things that did go and could go wrong as the fair swing of time went 'on'. People say on. Anyhow, I was Rabelais that time. I've been all of these things:mollusk, screwdriver, dented nail, draw and arrow, pin and ribbon, horizon and fleet, tulip and lily . At the risk of repeating yourself you were the first recording that was. But to return. Well, trundling is not such a good idea. Turning might be likely, if we're high minded. And don't take ourselves too seriously and clean our past trays. Poachers nereids and others need not apply!

I am the lover. Anyhow that concession did well. Made 18 cents one afternoon. No customers, no demand nothing.We just sat in the desert heat of an afternoon. No one understand ing us we understanding none. Who knew those days in Ville Emard Cotes saint paul? Come along we can deconstruct that lesbian self. Yer time to deterritorialize into a 100 million verselets     ~of it. O blue and macroon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Near this train coach, caboose, notes, frayed paper, cut up tingling paper of gold teetering in the May breeze its colloboration a sudden sight to pain. But if the smoke and vines and the illusory blood is hurt with its anger O Jill's finding a pavement to cut down the alley out the door of its forlorn better. Not English but the noun that predicates it.

So Jill her other incarnating below the believers :
'And who says, there is a Freud, beyond yer own excessively textualized reading of him. "said Jill, and walked off into the sunset of self-referential excess . Weary she undid her quote."

Then she climbed to the top of Guattari and Deleuze and said : BEhold Poop On Freud. And she read: In A/O Freud the Henry Adam of psychoanalysis.

And then she thought hasnt anyone ever read the Hamlet letters? or thought about the grass, and China. And she was sick to death unto "despair" and closed the book. Oh she breathed better then.

Yikes and Yokes said Jill and phone Mona on her desiring telephone
and they had -.
Okay. We're here at last, with no face and no preface either!


Jill met her later letter commencing their infinite affair

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ring back

the anal scream A tinkers arse,a winking caterpillar and a marble ant shoving the shite up the pool. Around the mountain the bloody remains of cark (casks of throwaway cast off rings bracelets, poured knives) and stones and impaired foot.Crippled she was a s truth was. A strumpet by any other name is like you say an amnesiac whatever. close to wreath. not soldiers in edged peaks.Or columbine hanging round around our necks

Dredging . Mona the geologist of muckers. The stuck feet in algae. mud along the rim. Cupped to her ass. The ragged edges of the island Ireland

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

O pro


Receive the letter in the sun oprofoundly. If the reception is good so are the fates. Come along destiny with your low gear puffed up cheeks and high browned body . Bronze ass and shimmy shimmy shake bust! Mona rings the bells at Tours bring down the whole booming box. Her boxed eaves are every pediment melodic. No one knows what beautiful but the . And that cutting composes sense.

It tinkles bluebells and haybirds and rickshaws and mocking border things. or walks off Lake Champlain sauntering the suave better of the field. This way the made spooks don't shine as long as every cluster does.

Cluster is like cistern does better with Fat Chance and the silence of hopes. The swindlier of leprosy and the whole barrel of fun the farrago of its folly ....

Come along your mouth she's waiting every Sunday. This way the cherry bloweth...

Monday, April 12, 2010


In the panhandle of begging you return deft star of the night. Mona's belong Jill's call. It stretches that way the ringing colour delirium to the fat wheat.

That way you've nothing left. Climbing the haystack untucking straw and wondering wheat. Does this enter the question Mister F?

___________________ its called bat's ass soup it goes with pig's eyes and rat's fuzz. and ringworm and tail bone rough feather rogue pated brains!

Hold your horses you slaves! we're off to the charge! Calvary booming!

Hey Ho! What HO! running in with sprinklers stamping that red fire blossoming hither and yon and all about . Tearing the buildings down and loving the faces. Thus the wrinklers of history.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Times's the fat peeler of onions and rent the reader blesses her tent whirled by the fox to its culvert and the something something of psyche. What do you say about that Mister Intensity?

           Time the chain and dog moves in a truck. Over the pasttime of psalm. Hanging bells and funky ragatag muscles in the maudlin covering. The word  fuss is that which means deshabille. And sees its arrant rational wing come down. The spontaneous play and effort  make up for what 's been gone.   A mutant percept and along the hand's ridge a cutting close to quickness.

  ____________Fanny arriving late considers the angles. Angels, dates, and palm trees lining the boulevard, the blizzarad makes up for the less and the rest.


  Ferme ta bouche et ouvrez et commence encore 

This was a day. In the bookend of fright and scholar. No one keen understood. Franny a tombe dans une trou noir. Avec les autres elle cherche les moyennes d'en sortir. She's held her mouth puffed full breath. Something wheat. breakfast. Nasal holdon come around Ouvre la porte what grammar is thattense? person(a) shaving _ teacher pluperfect . death ....

 ____________________Alors on a vue  des chose un peu difficile. Mais, on vais aller loins dans les  lignes de fuite.   Drop the s hold out the flue .A way you go.   Board on ... out they go along th at  wash in  g  ride    

Okay she holding the book high French English Italian Spare German.
Reversion of the vagina  to her stew. A boiled baked Croatian Purée puree (and the widow at the window) and her vulgar tramp voca.

Charity is the key (said) the boy wonder . Chatterton called. Working his way to the north-east sigh. Grammar was just a subject of the song. Not a trouble to toot. Indefatigable lovers never cry. Move on motet mortals to the brewing tune. Bare to their shorn works|

Someone wants to know the object the subject O citizen subject to this! a moon of waning coats    ~

Reversion the spinning body backwards. Time the relapsed. Rome as the city night as die.   Forest as columnar and rink's tugged by green oars 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

as relief

There's nothing closer to it. Soul one hear this ring. A fruit an erasor a sensor pitching its thief forward. Out the gate! Past the house dick and the hosanna of fans swishing friendlier than every Oriental glum.

Stormy weather and nocturnal clouding storms of salt and sea and this precious air she conveys. Delicate as the passion round her soul. She's bought love and gold. Sagacious magician of the hour. She's wished you every thought of wanting .

It's a holiday take your vaction. She's earned it for us. We are slaves to pie and red.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Is every

Nine if every one . becoming the panther you were . black panther and . gorilla. Come camel .

Wishing youwere here.

If Russian is the word of roses. What do we do snow? We push carts weaving roads around the cinquefoil of circles. And lovers peak their moorings.

What of the fireflies? that means sainthood is bearing along the halo cuffed by the ladies yarrow.She yawned with boredom. Her yards filled packed rummaged O well its boring that well itsn' it?

Do we go back to 1917? Hears the ringing bells its the monster of summery hips clothed by this burlap feel me up material .....

She rears back to the hand's soft basin. In the apartment everyone's calm serene .S o we take your time.

Thursday, April 08, 2010


And the vision of blindness. Ornamented to the song. orange to the heaving. the cutlass purpose and the cut-purse darting over the road, and its hurry hurry hurry the rose bird hanging in the sky bent over spring's weight its oncoming daring clincher glimpse to its playing feet.

Is everyone home? Come along then. we meet at the cafe flore. She's woof and weave and coy as the woman near the french fry counter but she's got . Her and then. OF this and the others there is no clandestine messages. it's a passage to womanhood beholding .

Jill gets home late. A long
explanation of the second chapter
led to a digress




Wednesday, April 07, 2010


And callous as a lobster pincer. We'd put the gloves . If we could. And wont make any sense afterward Franny was moved this way beyoned limits and up against hopes and folly. Only if you exaggerate can I love you! shoes off she goes for the garden heading for the knight. The pediment foot sigh and the cloud of blocks. Makes fragmentary for her piece. This way the price of love's is goobaboo! and the rough hands speak no flaxen wool, nor heavenly goat.

None get the the not of it the pair of  things, the cheese cloth the baiting required of black bear and wolf. And the horrid cry of it.

No dolphin fragging mummy here, Oedipus you're screw'd up the silly this time. A gallows _________________She can hear it. Dead Mona walking! Mona sauntering!
to the hanging rope. She reels over and its her partner     ~ 

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tha t they renamed

Seven is heaven and eleven adn along the river of fulford street.

if this way the basics are passed over at least we found life and breath. the sailing boat high lofted tack and the break of the wind and the putter of the tide 

its the meadow and the  basin of frost beneath. Where youget your death of cold.A throat burring brushed by tenements and tenors inclincing to a degree . Opera in their spare box. Lorgnetter to the golden weed.
Can-can's best burlesque. Of f with your clothes love your breasts are   ~ 

Oh! ___________________________and Oh  ~ !

______________________________________  Sealed with a wrist    ~.

Monday, April 05, 2010

get out of her

 In bed sweating. Jill enters. Finding. Get in. Get out extremis exiting entrancing. Sign so the sign of lust. In this way no lover leaves. They're double-beaded in the long goodbye. No one holds it against anything to . Well, we don't know Jill rambles. Come along my folly! this woman wants your tuba! O vulva of the fat winding wind!

_____________At dusk boot smoke rising. Flame of hurricane and the bloody birth of a poet her text tisseued born of its levity and pride the love of life the box top of breeze and the 

the steering sky of above .

 ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Mona's better at three than one.  ~ 

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Jill s a brazen hugger mugger|Can I be your lovin' boy she says and hustles him into the bedroom. That's where the bed is. Four poster and gavelled ceilings she's rich to the top of him busting his buttocks. Come to my heretic song she is ssaying. Feminine rhyming to her pleasure. Come to me darling I loof you! She leans to him in the bus across the road and holding her roses to her breasts kisses him suckly. 

Come along ornithology and orthographics of your pean size. We ned the feudal space to get on catch up capitalist praise.

So to the dickens with you! Salty dog!  To the blazes with your eyes.

_________Showers naked mast high she's come four times by the time the bell ringing enters Mona's half self brother Jacky.


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Steal and quiet

THat's Mona steel and quietus. A beggar's chew . 

Mona has a happy face she's sensed a powerful benevolent presence . Mockery playing across the eyes, who's the lady that smiles. She's inquisitive  to trade love's folly for love's real McCoy. Noshit says the sexcremental vision of the thousand and one career, and its maker the pancaker mixer of god, the cant do this and that of second in command but a commanding brave is never her leading man. I knew she'd win. O Sherry of the long lips and yer Burmese smile your  burnished thigh.

O my ugly lover! black on black in the black taxi let's go do our twirl and pull you're envious of  the black lover's haughtiness but fear  does not become you. you never saw my work. I loved yout the day after. and before we met.

if you're bartering jewels and cadillacs that's not the way we'll go. Hold out as long as you wish. 

Svplait schizos in lowerd-case  ball-bearing and god I love your lips


Thursday, April 01, 2010

revisions of love

  Revisionto love come closer to my knee sit on my lap and we could hear the navy bashing by the spring wind. I held your broken teeth in love my heart . Held for you along the .....

How did it happen thought rinsing its teeth dark in the mouth that stinking putrid cave. Who wanted that hell hole?

_________________ Franny busy a  motorcyle a programme balanced by love, desire, the four corners of time, and the narcotic speed of climate.

       What?__________Come I will tell you . I am the mist.

You are the body.

______________________She's asking later to borrow his embryo letting down the zygotes in the momentary canal of birth and girth  ~ .

That's the  love we do