Saturday, April 03, 2010

Steal and quiet

THat's Mona steel and quietus. A beggar's chew . 

Mona has a happy face she's sensed a powerful benevolent presence . Mockery playing across the eyes, who's the lady that smiles. She's inquisitive  to trade love's folly for love's real McCoy. Noshit says the sexcremental vision of the thousand and one career, and its maker the pancaker mixer of god, the cant do this and that of second in command but a commanding brave is never her leading man. I knew she'd win. O Sherry of the long lips and yer Burmese smile your  burnished thigh.

O my ugly lover! black on black in the black taxi let's go do our twirl and pull you're envious of  the black lover's haughtiness but fear  does not become you. you never saw my work. I loved yout the day after. and before we met.

if you're bartering jewels and cadillacs that's not the way we'll go. Hold out as long as you wish. 

Svplait schizos in lowerd-case  ball-bearing and god I love your lips