Sunday, April 18, 2010

the Dawning Knight

Biting the edge post of infinitival and the dawning knight.

The dawning knight is red. She's come a ways. And perforce prepared forever to flee her maker. That bugger! monster of the woes and . Mister forcing a containment was arrested yesterday . Put back in the stockade! comeuppance for barring of his ideas. She knows this as it heard her song and the gallant page. A squire was hurting hurling hurling.

If shes banding and contrabandin' whats there to become? an ointment of lotions counting the rudimentary deep! A big loom boom to the ringing paw of the fat earth herself. The great mother womb come to mama? O well its better a studied death hatred than indifference and its phony inferences. If the colour's got a family in waiting we'll pluck red green other ambergris sails tawny from lying overly long in the downpour. And the shed of penmanship and destiny and the harvest goes to see them.A s the clock repeats its lament and the rattling leper