Friday, April 16, 2010


Ring around the lemonade! as a kid I played many times the store minder. Kept to his own business by the rackets of economy. Once i was president of the lemonaid consortium for three seconds. In those second I grasped the diversity of things that did go and could go wrong as the fair swing of time went 'on'. People say on. Anyhow, I was Rabelais that time. I've been all of these things:mollusk, screwdriver, dented nail, draw and arrow, pin and ribbon, horizon and fleet, tulip and lily . At the risk of repeating yourself you were the first recording that was. But to return. Well, trundling is not such a good idea. Turning might be likely, if we're high minded. And don't take ourselves too seriously and clean our past trays. Poachers nereids and others need not apply!

I am the lover. Anyhow that concession did well. Made 18 cents one afternoon. No customers, no demand nothing.We just sat in the desert heat of an afternoon. No one understand ing us we understanding none. Who knew those days in Ville Emard Cotes saint paul? Come along we can deconstruct that lesbian self. Yer time to deterritorialize into a 100 million verselets     ~of it. O blue and macroon.