Sunday, April 11, 2010


  Ferme ta bouche et ouvrez et commence encore 

This was a day. In the bookend of fright and scholar. No one keen understood. Franny a tombe dans une trou noir. Avec les autres elle cherche les moyennes d'en sortir. She's held her mouth puffed full breath. Something wheat. breakfast. Nasal holdon come around Ouvre la porte what grammar is thattense? person(a) shaving _ teacher pluperfect . death ....

 ____________________Alors on a vue  des chose un peu difficile. Mais, on vais aller loins dans les  lignes de fuite.   Drop the s hold out the flue .A way you go.   Board on ... out they go along th at  wash in  g  ride    

Okay she holding the book high French English Italian Spare German.
Reversion of the vagina  to her stew. A boiled baked Croatian Purée puree (and the widow at the window) and her vulgar tramp voca.

Charity is the key (said) the boy wonder . Chatterton called. Working his way to the north-east sigh. Grammar was just a subject of the song. Not a trouble to toot. Indefatigable lovers never cry. Move on motet mortals to the brewing tune. Bare to their shorn works|

Someone wants to know the object the subject O citizen subject to this! a moon of waning coats    ~

Reversion the spinning body backwards. Time the relapsed. Rome as the city night as die.   Forest as columnar and rink's tugged by green oars