Tuesday, April 13, 2010

O pro


Receive the letter in the sun oprofoundly. If the reception is good so are the fates. Come along destiny with your low gear puffed up cheeks and high browned body . Bronze ass and shimmy shimmy shake bust! Mona rings the bells at Tours bring down the whole booming box. Her boxed eaves are every pediment melodic. No one knows what beautiful but the . And that cutting composes sense.

It tinkles bluebells and haybirds and rickshaws and mocking border things. or walks off Lake Champlain sauntering the suave better of the field. This way the made spooks don't shine as long as every cluster does.

Cluster is like cistern does better with Fat Chance and the silence of hopes. The swindlier of leprosy and the whole barrel of fun the farrago of its folly ....

Come along your mouth she's waiting every Sunday. This way the cherry bloweth...