Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Remote as a coat there's  (the) awl. Crabbed by history and the tear of a pocket. Resistance at the first sullen creature. A torrid air mud, deterritory forgotten cost of . Not that again, please. Whispers the between the syllables blue beat.

Then refine it fill the bulwark chew the seed , there's no plane like the plane of consistency and the _ Jill standing in class at Vincennes: there's no airplane like the areocomplane of consistency.

Mona : and the jackasses of desolidariatiour academy? a shitboxe condemns them to penal servitude fortriveranriver shitstuck to eyeballing. Wanked to heaven's end!

_____________Franny yer much to nice my love. Come fuck me loverfuck
____________________ Mona retires to kitchen continuin her reading  Quatre notes méchantes sur un livre méchante.

_She drink tea whilst translating the transfer  

_____________________________________|| After
_____________________________________|| they gonna
______________________________________kick Mister
_____________________________________||Badiouassout _________________________________________||hedoor.

The awl then nothing~ but her blue sweet buttocks.