Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If turning

If turning is what we're about here's what happens. people take things literally living in the figurative past of injury resentment and past. She's hopped into her shit stuck to the climate. O come along you modern past get over your self.An arhaic flair for nothing.

In the 72nd plateau

Schizerno little had written :

--------- Characters in a framed narrative make JackDerry and her gang angry and upset, those who are not literalistic read literally. They see false connections and make precisely the error they wish to avoid. A void that is not their's but a black hole she creates thinking Levinas will save her. Ah, she says, I am psychotic, tell me it is not true. But it's true, he the Father loved and hugged me. Ah, but father was your word, her word. I have no father, my father is in heaven.

"When Orpheus lost his head, he found a piece of it in her mouth

Eurydice and her children in hades

in that place _______________________"

(any space of death and ashes)

Orpheus goes to look for Eurydice

E. speaks She cries out after him.

E. has her own kids

O. gets killed again, by theE song

Eurydice and Orpheus the Opera. Mona marries Orpheus ending the decade long rivalry between the hang Eurydice and her buttocks blue.

I am one of those people who have been to the desert and carry it with me.

Jill at the ripe age of eighteen got it:

Give up if you wish here is how come: you will have delivered him his automatism and reason you will teach him again to dance wrong side frenzy of dance hall side out will be his real