Friday, April 09, 2010

Is every

Nine if every one . becoming the panther you were . black panther and . gorilla. Come camel .

Wishing youwere here.

If Russian is the word of roses. What do we do snow? We push carts weaving roads around the cinquefoil of circles. And lovers peak their moorings.

What of the fireflies? that means sainthood is bearing along the halo cuffed by the ladies yarrow.She yawned with boredom. Her yards filled packed rummaged O well its boring that well itsn' it?

Do we go back to 1917? Hears the ringing bells its the monster of summery hips clothed by this burlap feel me up material .....

She rears back to the hand's soft basin. In the apartment everyone's calm serene .S o we take your time.