Wednesday, April 07, 2010


And callous as a lobster pincer. We'd put the gloves . If we could. And wont make any sense afterward Franny was moved this way beyoned limits and up against hopes and folly. Only if you exaggerate can I love you! shoes off she goes for the garden heading for the knight. The pediment foot sigh and the cloud of blocks. Makes fragmentary for her piece. This way the price of love's is goobaboo! and the rough hands speak no flaxen wool, nor heavenly goat.

None get the the not of it the pair of  things, the cheese cloth the baiting required of black bear and wolf. And the horrid cry of it.

No dolphin fragging mummy here, Oedipus you're screw'd up the silly this time. A gallows _________________She can hear it. Dead Mona walking! Mona sauntering!
to the hanging rope. She reels over and its her partner     ~