Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ring and thing

You've always made this bed your home. Shit and leap. THe run down platter and shanty. If village made morons this'd be the only hope. Not a religious litigious maniac, but a sole and soft submarine of love's pitter patter, the dicky of the cuckoo-cuckoo and the owl |
_____________________Of the infinite ardors there are none like these. Rosemary the abstract patches, and this bodyface. And East heading north due south on the compass Love.

Does the drunk wake you and the old woman curse your? Well, she's grabbed every hour out her pension.A the doorway leading up the stairs to her garret. There was. And then Raskolnikov bearing guns and hatred. if this Russian is your furtive glance then hail blithe rose! your only burying turn.

Love a capital H. ~