Friday, February 17, 2006

forgotten fictions

forgotten fictions not forgot

fare forward he said O ravellers . Blogs grope in groups
and ticking sideways a lateral splay awkward balances and prince
of putty and pieces of the detotalized machine. Ma
machine My China. O delerious deluxe box
of delire and lire O fou a delire . In Gorizia
we became very free, do you remember that,
the Italian doctor, that winter , them days,
they condemned his first book?

O dear, them was the days
of disappointe'd and unexpected
attacks in the guts,
as they blamed that poor first book
for so much then some
dropping the dime on an innocent thing

a sweet thigh of love
and we kissed in her room atop a loft
(it was a bit cold! that room!
the smell still a tiny bit in me nose)
on St.Lawrence boulevard four
weeks before the book 'came out."

Cheers and leers of dears.
On the porch of portico