Friday, June 04, 2010


Stay your horses strugglers! shaving pints are what yer in need of....


__________________Things to write:

Plateau::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Wszzzzzzzzzz a la Felix

she was night when she spoke

she was Orpheus

and Jill was leaning down.
When Jeel red this she was GWa and Ga and Tu and tarry and deleuzeed by
her guattaris of Illusion. And Professor D. was a W sound in the sounding
of many idiolect placeaus! and so it was . When her Jeel was  Jilled she
was jack and gyped jilled by her dereader and like jacques she was
dejacquespare and spare as. Now as Jill leaning and learnin' down er what
quidditas? was it entelechy of savour which made her a gracenape
scapegrace? Oh but she was read sexyeroti
cked wordsumes
"Though perhaps not "gWa--Ta--Ree" but rather "Ga-Ta-Ree" The 'w'
sound,in French, at least, is not pronounced, to my knowledge.
> FG pronounced it *with* the 'w' sound, fyi.
> Also, Fay-leex."

One does not speakit with it. But withness and sidereal
against the announced word ... so she sighed in tethered that was teeth
transposed finally upon her horsexuality.

Gill knew she was dill when she was
lightly del-erze by urns and ashes flying in the wind of the Fifth storey
apartment building. The real vrai question to Mona was: was the adress
"bis" ou non "bis"? She could not remember her translated progressive
grammar of translation tense awkward steal of kiss and night. JIll was
maybe when she was perhaps and yaps was like that anyhow. Mona was JIll
one two and three in the arborescent tree: names and e NUN ciations were
like that: Fit for Furred Queens and Virgins on the edge of the Word made
lightly she was soft on the hard and hard on the plated gums of her
partially plated teeth

"""Shane Maybe wrote:
--- wrote:> Del-*use* *Gwa*-Tar-*Ee*
I always thought it was "Del-erze". And what about his
first name? I've heard "Jee" and "Jill".
Jeel, though lightly on the 'l' sound, and soft on the 'j'.
Deh-luhz (avoid the -ooze, or even -use sound)."

O! my Patois and Lucaszzzzzzzzzzzzshhhhhhhhh. she was
soundsszsoudnnnnnnnszzzzzzzzz which couldnt be scribedered. LOsshof
shyntazh. was so peaks was then and Now Jill was Jil withonly No L and