Tuesday, June 22, 2010


 No one has it not e ven the old bag. Harridan of the chop chop falk... something closer to nearer to its event its effect harried by lens and parried pews...

Jill comes home a 21 year old waitress waisted at  her flickering domain dominion to her sole fault.  None have reckonded on the harlequindade of romance!

Along the step of the bank... scholars in huddle formation geese honking their best whirl yet and the others plain stockings and the clothing...

appalling marks of truth and cleavage and the tinest of breast peeking almost out water'd her mouth taste a moth curling ion on her bended wrist tricked by the tic tac of catch as catch me rainbow! innoncence at the Mona's shrew budge

Among the blithe tricks of this pasture she's burrowed a million caps and hopes to her lesson   ~ .

  Ratcheting a period afteward.