Monday, June 22, 2009


Tap tap tap _ the teacher ~and the student . over the garden wall of Aristotle. and her comprehending aesthetics . thank god I've no warrant to marry!

Clare crumble the wall between becoming and being Deleuze. Being Deleuze!~ what absurdum credo is that crap?? this is the Wall coming back full blast. A dharma shade of desire covers its floral fuselage.

« Quelqu'un qui ne se laisse pas représenter, mais qui ne veut pas davantage représenter quoi que ce soit. »

________________ it's after the lecture. exhaustion joy et the quick stroll, what stroll is quick. She meant a fast walk, no a gallop to the cafe. Brain befogged.

Jill laisse se représenter __ she' dont . represent or present. she's not sent. And never resent. what do it bode to veil as this nothing biding the hour of territory. Its mercy a god. Ever presenting its nothingness. notto her advantage to find the whatever it is makes her as she was . Neither the mighty past, or gloved gift of now becoming rather other. Always an absolute and absoluting forgiving distance.

But being atheist she's keeping god out of it.

Well dear,if you're going to be covered in shit! you might as well make it up ~


between these eye itinerant iterate. your stamp. embossed
by love's great philosopher.