Wednesday, November 22, 2006


coperate with my ass cleavage to your cunning|that is shameful to yer willing done
conch well. Shes bearing cool cocker for this molasses. Excuse them they doing what they done after the taste of wayward fumbles. Like socking gorillas, and repaired wire glass. Shes caliper to her rose double-hip.

So Jilly got the forest stamp. Wheeled apart, little one.

Buy a necktie brace for your hair
bow for yer stiff collar. Dress
for orinthian pell mell bates

Jillhas enuff of this to pause all right. But wont shes gone the goose to the berry the good to the gone the wing to the wand. What more can be done and said? its cheese cake in the lawn and long
brink to overwhelm her cause.

Later Fanny'll settle the matter for once and .