Monday, September 21, 2009

SubLiMe DeFoRme (d)

I Kant! I Kant~! she cried creating Bodily Intensity and , Sublime Catastrophe was her harbinger of hope, derringer of dancer the levity of the riant and the peril of the rain and the rag of reunion and the stir of care and the round of tonsure and the tillage of | Her faculties bare window. O her her her her ~ her her and her again violent to viol ~ she paragraphed fire wall to her line magnificent

"about 200,000 illuminations of the moon"

british to her bright enough
to burn retinas

vacuum of soul

hearing the down



to her


Her subject was:
" ...
the object is also deformed (difforme), on account of the interesting way that he modifies Kant’s doctrine of the faculties.[17] " She was just 17 footnotes from away to the true truth
of its sublime act ~


In this way her absolute whole was the .
sun. moon. rime. the fox. gully. air.

this road her pairing was water element .
Mineral crime.
Minerva speaking her
gullible tundra
a wake to all foreign fallen men.

______________ Jill had no preface then, to her philosophical

She cant read nor .




Cries Franny


desert of her territory.