Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Jill's hamstrung with love. her breadboard's cut with meat. And beside this knickerbocker she's got charmers and cahiers of nuthin' to do. Between phonetic hours in thunder land over the mesa and the fruit of hours and study, she's understudy to her left hand. marriage is out of the question, and she's forgetful in the wasteful sort of manner. Nothing wrong with that.Yet geography is out of the question. After any visits she's worn her stay and camped out on the hut by the chasm. Nothing like abysses to worry her time. She's a bitch in plaid, not yet worked to the bone. Sample her cliche one by one. Or two over two adding her cardinal strength. She's known then, as love's name. If she's a clochard, well the world 's cabbage anyhow, so no matter. A word weighs its own weird condom. Confirming the sun of a
Shes done with palave . Mona does not palate the way she done. Previous. And marking papers all night does not . Does not what? Franny or Fanny has no ass to speak. Of. she's hunkered down in jewelry and stinking gold. ____________If there's sawgrass, she's happier with its composite.

_____________________________No man's seen a jauntier hip. Or heavier in its drapery. Its bunched up mouthwatering.Sambo as an oasis.