Wednesday, May 26, 2010

two ... (calling ) predicate ~

Hush and wish darling . The night capture. Her care and by the lexicography of the multiply~ So Jill's baton is harried to the fur ... over the windlass the creeping vegetation... vivid and elemental she 's burrowed her fortune and none hear the cave the clandestine affair... Over the oak and the round copse what purposeful rune summers her thought and welcomes the day? She's worked her peace further as its wake might appear.

Does the forcing of vision return its fair hope announcing the tingling arrival the birth of this union. Fostered by the heights the backward turning momentarily hesistating its plume de crayon the tuneful becoming its between the woman's arm and her hair her arm uplifted that high place of reminding and invention.

This way the plum trees cast half their shadow avid with the wolves ~.