Tuesday, May 18, 2010

appearance disappearance apparently

 Concurrently disappearing the. Way Mona c arries on you'd think she was queen of thinking. but shes hot Buddhist instead . making her mark and placing her grammar in places it wont be hid. Obscured by curtains and muslin thoughts, she'd hurted the love she'd knew go bye. ? Go dry! go dry up! French freckles abound across her back acrostic of bra straps and welting woods. Flowers in JUne moaning  swearing maroon-headed monkeys have no place to go in this trimester of heat. And the proctors gamble the tutors beat the heat with wand sticks space time held in gloves too too delicate to bear without warning. Ridden by other luxurious beats they know no better than to call it quits. An heiress of everything edifying thing she s borned apostles and wheat. And with strangers shes gentle as a dog. Some might suggest this was cheating but she know better. Etymologically  speaking she's a chartered account renting pay boxes by the hour ruffling her feathers wearing the Armageddons down donning Argentina for a week, an hour and a play full of billets, lotting and camera work.

Light brain your heart's always been identical  ~ this way pedagogical spoons dollop everything   ~